Checking in on the Word of the Year

Moonrise over Houston. The bright full moon is caught under the wing, as we turn west toward Phoenix.

Moonrise over Houston. The bright full moon is caught under the wing, as we turn west toward Phoenix.

April is already half over and I haven’t checked in on your Word of the Year. Do you remember it? Is it serving you well? If not, you may find that putting it down and choosing a new word is just what you need.

“Scatter” is my word. It’s been very interesting. Some days, I do something from all parts of my life, some days I explore the edges of something I’ve done for a long time.

On the business front: I’m amazed at the people I sit next to on airplanes. So many people crushed by their own lives. Who flee into “busy” to give themselves self-worth. Who will talk to me about their lives although they don’t know me. Very interesting.

On the coaching front: I’m grateful for clients who recommend me. Very grateful. It’s a wonderful way to accumulate more gifted people who want to work on change.

On the creative front: I’m exploring collage again. Deeply. Collage with Monsoon papers and words. Always those words! And after returning to my Commonplace Journal, I’m thinking I need to teach a class that includes . . . . a lot.

On the identity front: I’m so interesting in how people perceive others. Now that I have identified as an outsider artist, I have found that I’m not alone. There are creatively hungry people out there. And yes, people who just like to mess around. Room for both!

On the art teaching front: I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Madeline Island class makes. The long, cold winter slowed class enrollment, so I’m holding my breath and hoping for a few more people who want to retreat into creativity, explore writing and art and make a journal —all in early June!

What’s your experience with the word you chose?

-Quinn McDonald is thinking of working on a plane-coaching model, because she seems to be doing a lot of listening to people’s stories.

32 thoughts on “Checking in on the Word of the Year

  1. My word is ‘open’. It’s a very multifaceted word and it is serving me better than I expected. I wanted to be more open in my use of time, my art and into myself an my surroundings. Draw fewer quick conclusions, stop planning everything and be less of a control freak. Be open to observing things, stop to smell the roses, that kind of stuff.
    Of course it comes with ups and downs, but so far I find I’m taking things more slowly and one thing at a time, I’m exploring area’s on my island and outside it I’ve never taken the time for and this month I’m even participating in Roz Stendahl’s International Fake Journal Month to explore a whole new way of journaling. I’m having a good time with my word and really feel myself opening up to it. 😉

  2. Ah – Peter – its folks like you that cause innovation.

    My word. My grandmother use to say that in place of a swear…”My WORD!”
    My word was…just a second – I have it here someplace…ah – here it is! No sorry, that is a story scrap, and idea that has languished while I researched the origin of the word “languished”…

    Under here? Nope, that’s the contract to write 12 stories in 12 months that I signed with my wife. Sorry Lorraine they seem to have gotten lost in the …wait! Wait! I think I found it….YES – here it is, under this picture of a squirrel. The word was …
    (Fanfare please…(and how did fanfare’s start?))…


    So. Not working so well. I blame its non-specificity.
    Happy Friday y’all.

  3. KISS, Keep it Simple Sweetheart . . . some days yes and some, well, not so much. Somehow I can’t turn down an opportunity to explore something new, to say yes to opportunity, to add in just one for messing around creative outlet . . . my apetite is enormous! My simplification attempts are to say “later . . . it’ll keep” to that which it unimportant in the great scheme of things and that usually works but somethimes I feel the urge to get caught up in issues, particularly at work, that annoy the hell out of me, that are blatantly in need of change, and yet I can’t affect the situation because I chose not to take on a leadersip role. When this happens I take a breath (after an initial rant) and remind myself to KISS. The day I cease to care about wasted time and resources, or people serving processes instead of processes serving people, I’ll probably fall into a coma.

    Wow! Thanks for the opportunity to release all that Quinn, I knew it was there like a stone in my shoe. I shall now KISS all day . . . and probably kiss a few people along the way (insert contented smile here).

  4. My “little by little” still works fine for me! I often tell it to myself as I tend to be a bit impatient.
    I try to improve my drawing skills and fill a sketchbook “little by little” with bad or not so bad drawings (depending on your politics) and enjoying the process to move the pen over paper and to observe the forms and colors that surround me.
    “Little by little” I try to live and eat healthily,move regularly, and declutter my home….
    P.S.: Your collages look great and so meaningful!
    Don’t you consider to offer online classes one day?

    • Yes, eventually I’ll teach an online Commonplace Journal class and a collage class. But I want to find a good platform, and I am still working on content. And loving the experimenting.

  5. Quinn, In answer to your question about how have I been nurturing myself, I have probably been nurturing myself by saying “no” or setting better boundaries these last few months.

  6. I have been really find your posts helpful. Every time that you mention the word of the year, I then remember mine and think about what has been happening with that word, “nurturing”. Very interesting. Your thoughts and sharing are very inspiring. I also find your teaching style to be very supportive and freeing. I am a fan!

  7. My word for 2014 was Balance and it is not working for me at all so far. I never thought of putting it down and picking a new word. Thanks so much for the idea and the permission! My new word should be Overload since that’s what I’ve been on but I don’t think that will bring me many positive results. I’ll be on the lookout for a new word during my class…one that will inspire and delight me.

    I so wish you were going to be in my art class with me the next three days but I can’t wait to see you soon!

    • Wish I could be with you, too! But “overload” might be an excellent word for you. You can watch so you don’t overload, or if you recognize you are overloaded, you can off-load or remember to de-stress. Words of the Year are meant to make us aware, and yours would count!

  8. I’ve read about interest-related cruises with seminars and the like — you can copy that with Coaching Flights. Charter a plane, put a Quinn-Certified Air Coach every few seats, and open the doors. Add accommodation & activity packages at the destination, and offer Brief Coaching jaunts (NY – Chicago), Medium Intervention (LA – Honolulu) and Deep Coaching (Boston – Sydney).

    The accommodation & activity packages could involve artists’ colonies and seminars, too.

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