Postcard Play

The busy and focued iHanna is doing another postcard swap. Having missed the last one, I signed up for this one. You can sign up till April 28, 2014.

Not being able to decide on one direction, I chose two completely different types of cards, and made about half a dozen of each. The requirement was 10, but making two extra gives me some choices–or two extra postcards to send to someone else. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know how much I love making and sending postcards.

Here are some of the chicken series. All these cards still need to be pressed flat.

card1This one is made from a constellation atlas. The red parts are Monsoon papers.

card2Another chicken collaged from hand-printed papers and a bit of Monsoon paper (the grass.)

card3The chicken body is made of suminagashi-printed paper. The beak, comb and wattle are hand-printed papers from a Gelli Plate. The grass is a section of Monsoon paper.

The other series are ink drops on watercolor paper. When they dried, I printed quotes on them.

card4The quote: “It’s hard to have a life of creation if you have created a life of maintenance.” –Barbara Winter

card5Another quote that speaks to the work of creativity. “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” –Roald Dahl

Quinn McDonald believes in magic and chooses the rockier life of creativity over maintenance. She is easily bored but also easily amused. She is the author of The Inner Hero Creative Art Journal.


25 thoughts on “Postcard Play

  1. Love both directions you took. The chickens are charming and I’m endlessly delighted by ink drop patterns. Paired with the interesting quotes you always find, they’re simply perfect.

  2. Just signed up for iHanna’s swap. LOVE your chickens, hope I’m one of the fortunate swappers to get one. They are very inspirational.

  3. hi quinn, i’m a first time ihanna postcard swapper-of course i am looking forward to receiving postcards, but the entire process of how i wanted to make mine and just being a part of this has already given me so much. i think going to the post office the day i mail them will feel quite thrilling 😀 i had to chuckle when you mentioned someone expected you to send one of your books with the postcard. eye-yi-yi/humans 😉 your chickens and ink drops are lovely. i recently found you in cyberspace and enjoy your posts/blog very much. thanks for sharing. jenny

  4. The last swap iHanna had I participated in I participated in (under another name) and while I loved making my cards, what I got back was truly disappointing. Sent out ten, got back eight, never heard from anyone who received mine and what I got back was messy, simple and just not worth mentioning. I was so disgusted. I paid money for that?? So while YOUR cards are spectacular,Quinn, be prepared to not receive anything even remotely on the same level. I guess that’s just a chance we take when we swap….but I’ll never pay money again to participate!

    • Yes, Lynn, that can happen. I’ve had that happen in almost all swaps. On my cards, I include my email address. In some swaps people have written me and told me they were disappointed with my cards. They thought I’d send out “a real piece of art, not just a postcard.” One person suggested I send a free copy of my book “with” the postcard. (That did make me smile.)

      I am paying the $7 to iHanna because it takes her time and effort to organize a swap, and I honor that by willingly paying an amount that is not a hardship for me. She is not responsible for people’s art or their punctuality. Engaging in a swap is always a crapshoot–we all tacitly agree that there will be people with higher levels of ability than ours and those with lower levels.

      I have learned, over time, not to be attached to the result. I do the swap not to get cards, but to send out interesting ones. Once I’ve done that, everything else is a surprise.

        • Nope, you are not paying for a mailing list. The person who puts together the swap has a lot of work to do–gather names, sort them so everyone gets a good mix of countries, give each person enough names so everyone gets 10 cards. She manages the timing so everyone gets enough notice to sign up and make the cards, then get the names and send the cards. In my case, something went wrong with my sign-up, and the swap-master had to contact me and get the right address and input it. It’s time consuming. Sure, swaps are a fun thing, but I’m happy enough to help a creative person cover some of her time. Not everyone charges for swaps, but if the price is reasonable, I don’t mind paying. If it’s too high, I don’t join in. It’s creative fun.

  5. Oh, my!! Quinn, your blog posts always inspire me, but this one – wow!! I have long wanted to create art (aside from my photography), to be able to draw or paint or whatever, to create in another way. This post made me feel, “Yes, I can do this!” You explain what you do so well, I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me. And that Barbara Winter quote – this could not be more appropriate to my life. THANK YOU.


    • Collages buckle because the substrate and the material glued onto it stretch at different rates. There are two ways to get them flat. One is to iron them (between two sheets of parchment) on both sides before they are completely dry. Sometimes that doesn’t work as well as this: layer each postcard with parchment paper. Put it into the pages of a heavy book. Make sure there are at least 25 book pages between postcards, so the edges don’t leave marks on each other. Use as many books as necessary. Put the books with postcards on a flat surface. Stack other heavy books on top. Leave alone for 24 hours to several days. Remove the postcards, put the books away and voilà! Flat collages. Make sure the collages are dry before you start. In damp climates they will mold.

  6. I love your postcards Quinn. The postcard swap sounds like so much fun. I’m going to sign up also. Thanks again for keeping me inspired!

  7. Awesome postcards Quinn, love the first chicken a lot, the Atlas spots are perfect feathers! And I bet that postcard will not get lost in the mail! 🙂

    • For a while, I wanted to make all of them out of that paper. But I didn’t have enough. I loved it for chickens! I’ll have to leave a link back on your site, you have a page for that.

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