Altered Imagery: a Giveaway

The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery is a mixed media book explaining techniques for collage, altered books, art journals and more.  The author, Karen Michel, is a New York mixed media artist.

610Au086VWLI’ve had the book in my collection for a while, and it has been a solid source for techniques and inspiration on topics I didn’t know much about: altering photography, digital work, and printmaking techniques. Because of the popularity of art journaling techniques, I thought it was time to pass it on.

The book has sections on various multi-media techniques:

  • Photography, which includes both 35mm photography and Polaroid photography.
  • Altered images working with scanners and printers.
  • Found sources, such as magazines and found objects and working with image transfers.
  • Printed images: using acetate as a negative, using photographic images to creating rubber stamps.
  • Creating monoprints

There’s also a gallery of projects and tips done by contributing artists, including Julianna Coles, Traci Bunkers, Lesley Riley , Michelle Ward and Lynne Perrella.

If you want to add it to your collection, leave a comment. I’ll announce the winner on Saturday’s blog. Be sure to check back on Saturday to see if you won!

-Quinn McDonald is (gulp) is re-doing her studio. The first stage (of three) is just starting. With some luck and hard work, it will look less like an explosion in a paper factory and more like a studio. It will also be a guest room. (That’s the third part).



44 thoughts on “Altered Imagery: a Giveaway

  1. I was in the hospital and am back tracking through my favorite blogs. i am so glad I came across this post! I’ve had this book in my sights for awhile and would love the chance to see it! Thanks for your continued generosity!

  2. I’m just starting out in mixed media, and there is so much to learn! Luckily, it seems that there is no right or wrong, which takes off some pressure. We do these things for the love of it, anyway, right? Thanks for the chance to win. You are always very generous.

  3. Ok…this is the 4th time I’ve tried to leave my comment…iPad keeps kicking me off before I hit “post”. Anyhoo…looks like a great book with many interesting techniques I’d love to try. I have my fingers crossed that I win! Thanks for the chance and all that you share with us!

  4. You share the BEST books. I have been ambling in the garden and at this slow speed have found wonderful small things to photograph. This book sounds perfect for ways to use them in my art. Many thanks!

  5. Good luck taming the paper “tsunami” in your studio/guest room. Doing it in stages sounds like a solid plan. It’s very earth-friendly to pass books along when one is done with them…perfect for an Earth Day give away!

    • You caught me! It was indeed an Earth Day recycling project. I have a huge box of books that I will take to Bookman’s–no money, but I get to exchange them for other books. No deadline, either.

  6. My daughters and I attended a session with you and used techniques you taught to create summer camp journals for our Girl Scout troop. We’d love to add this book to our creative collection.

  7. After attending one of your classes I’ve become addicted creative writing and drawing. I have since become a freelance writer and LOVE the way you express yourself on your blog!

  8. I love Karen’s artwork and would be very interested in her book!

    Good luck with your studio re-do. I know it’s a huge undertaking but you’ll get through it day-by-day and you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief when you’re finished.

  9. What a fabulous find! I would love to be in on the giveaway! I am always looking for new ideas and techniques! Good luck with the redo of your studio! I’m sure it will feel brand new when you’re done!

  10. Re-doing your studio is fun work and the rewards will be great! There will be alot of energy-shifting as a result, and you will come across things that you will see with new eyes…
    I hope to win the book as I do collages and have just moved to a new apartment and it is the first time I’ve ever lived alone in my life (and I’m 54!). I want this to be a happy, adventurous, creative time in my life. I want my new nest to support this new life. I found a plastic bin of very old photos and immediately wanted to do something with them besides put them in a photo album…

  11. This sounds like another must have book. I have to admit you are getting expensive Quinn!!! Good luck with the studio. I just have to clean mine today and that alone seems a little daunting. I’m having a great time making postcards!

  12. I’m a great fan of Karen Michel previous book and would be please to read this one too. Thanks for this opportunity 🙂

  13. Redoing any space requires a plethora of patience and creativity. I think you are covered on both counts. Wishing you well.

  14. I’ve always wanted that book…..not sure why I never ordered it….maybe the universe was waiting for me to win it 😉 Good luck with the studio organization especially the guest room/studio part. We’ll need pictures!

  15. This book sounds intriguing to me. I am always working with my photography, but have not ventured much past image transfer or basic collage. The techniques described in this book might help jump start my creativity in art journaling, while maintaining my comfy medium of digital photography. I hope I will be considered for your giveaway. Thank you!

  16. The book sounds really interesting. Keep us abreast of how your studio is coming brave lady! Maybe your experience will inspire me. my art room is in great need of some tender loving care!!

    • It started with the bookcase, which has suffered many moves. It just couldn’t take any more. Fearing a collapse, a friend attached angle irons to it to keep it going for a “few weeks,” four years ago. Then the back fell off. Seriously, it is time to make some more room!

  17. Haven’t put in for any give always for a while……….first come first served !!! I got my camera out yesterday for first time in ages as the bluebell woods were in bloom…having been out of UK for ten years I hadn’t had the joy of seeing them for a long time. The heady fragrance was amazing and it really felt like swathes and carpets,made me want to write stories of fairies and dingly dells of ferns and trickling streams! Anyway,real world is kids reluncatanly just been dropped off back at school after Easter and I have to go to a court case tribunal… winning the book would cheer me up and keep my creativity and imagination alive. I would like to go back to the woods and turn into a fairy.x

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