The To-Don’t List

Today was one of those days that you would cheerfully sell for a dime if only someone would take it. My dishwasher didn’t wash, but it did dry hard with a vengeance (isn’t that a movie?) and melted most of the items on the top rack.

strugglequoteWhile I was dealing with soft, hot plastic and rubber, I heard water splashing on tiles–but not in a good way. My washer had become incontinent, and was peeing on the laundry room floor. The laundry room is next to the family room–you know, the absorbent carpeted one.

No repair person available today, so I had to schlep the laundry to a laundromat where a woman with sad eyes asked if I were a Christian. (Uh-oh, loaded question.) She then told me the plot of several Christian movies, in rather confused detail, mixing plot lines and characters.

I’m out of  blog ideas for the day, and need some re-grouping time before I become optimistic and cheerful again. So today, a re-run of The To-Don’t List.

*    *   *

keep-calm-and-don-t-do-it-2We all have to-do lists. Just for today, I’m creating a To-Don’t list. Things I can let go of, not care about, not do. Ahhh, it feels better already.


—Spend all day dusting instead of enjoying last of the cool, sunshiny weather.

—Scrub the pool walls and get it ready for a summer of swimming.

—Answer that angry email with an angrier email. That’ll show ’em. Make ’em feel sorry, too.

—Tell my best friend what she should have done in that confrontation with her boss; advise (unasked) my spouse how to look better for that first meeting at work; fix my client’s need for attention.

—Find other people’s mistakes and point them out, along with my expertise in these matters. Maybe snag a few clients by showing off what I know. Really put myself out there.

—Start six new projects, but with no idea why or what they are supposed to be.

That’s my to-don’t list for today–things I want to walk away from and not get involved with. What’s on your To-Don’t list?

—Quinn McDonald is the owner of Old Testament appliances that seek revenge for unacknowledged grudges. The warranty of both the dishwasher and clothes washer expired 22 days ago.