Four New Classes

OK, superstars–I’ve got new classes coming up–fun all the way around.

On May 24th, at Arizona Art Supply, we’ll be turning a small handle-bag (or a gift bag) into a journal. Keeps your secrets to itself. Use it for your tell-all memoir.

You can bind pages of different sizes into your journal.

You can bind pages of different sizes into your journal.

I’m really happy to have been invited for not one, but two classes at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale:

June 7, we are doing Monsoon Papers and turning them into an accordion folder for favorite quotes.

Monsoon Papers

Monsoon Papers

On August 9, I’m back at Frenzy Stamper for a collage class–Easy Does It–Minimalist Collage. I’m tired of “layers on layers” and frantic pages. Let’s dial it back to cool and simple.

Collage: "Flight" ©Quinn McDonald, 2014

Collage: “Flight” ©Quinn McDonald, 2014

But wait! If you are in Colorado (or want to get out the the heat in Phoenix)–meet me at Blue Twig Studio in Colorado Springs for the Monsoon Paper class! That class will be on July 19.


One journal making class, two Monsoon Paper classes, and a collage class–just in time for summer! Details, photos, and registration are on my QuinnCreative website.   I hope to see you at at least one event!

–Quinn McDonald is going to have a fun summer meeting new people.


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