Creative Hop (Saturday, May 10)

Note: Congratulations to Kaisa Mäki-Petäjä, who won Writing Wild. I love her blog, here’s the link to the boulders she draws in her journal. Send me your mailing address to QuinnCreative AT yahoo DOT com. The publisher sent me two books, and I’m giving away the second one as well. Congratulations to Diane Becka, new owner of the second book!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment!

* * * * *

Kaisa has a wonderful nature journal that I have to introduce here. She draws a lot of scenes, but the ones with boulders in them really are special.

From the website Valkoinen Poni.

From the website Valkoinen Poni.

It’s hard to draw a rock that doesn’t look like it might be ice cream or a cow pie (to stay on the theme), and she does a wonderful job of introducing us to her native Finland.

*     *     *    *

I found this on Facebook via Seventeenth-century artist A. Boogert mixed colors and kept track of them in a journal. What an amazing piece of work.

colors-1There are almost 800 pages of colors, hues and tints–the most comprehensive book of color for its time. There is only one copy of this book, although it was meant for educational use. In my view, a perfect Commonplace Journal.

* * * * * *

Kintsugi is a Japanese method of repairing broken plates, sculpture, teapots with lacquer mixed with gold, silver and platinum.

bowl-1The process honors the history of an object without hiding damage. The visible repair makes the item more beautiful than it was when it was whole and perfect. And as so many philosophers have noted, “There is a crack in everything; that’s where the light comes in.” (That particular version is from Leonard Cohen.)

*   *   *   *   *

In Tokyo and other urban areas where there aren’t many trees and birds have to scramble to find nesting material, the clever crows have once more adapted to their surroundings.

crowhangers2Crows steal wire clothes hangers and use them in their nests. They interlock the wires, add a lot less nesting materials, and create long-lasting homes for their broods.  You can see more photos on the Beautiful Decay website.

Quinn McDonald is delighted to live in a creative world.

2 thoughts on “Creative Hop (Saturday, May 10)

  1. Oh, you are too kind! But thank you for those kind words. And for the book, of course! You made me really happy. I never really realised but I do draw lots of scenes and views, and I find that interesting. Why don’t I draw more objects? Thanks again and I feel honoured to be mentioned on your blog and as a part of the Creative Hop no less! 😀

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