Round the World Blog Hop

If you read this blog and the comments, you know Wendy from Late Start Studio. Describing herself, Wendy says:

“I’ve been messing around with something ‘arty’ since childhood, have always been able to squeeze in time to explore some new creative venture, but still haven’t managed to settle on one thing . . . I’m not unhappy at the prospect of remaining a mucker for life, living on a beach on the wildish west coast of the North Island of Aotearoa/New Zealand.”

Check out Wendy’s latest work, I love her free-range ideas.

Hotel hallway wallpaper, Arlington, VA

Hotel hallway wallpaper, Arlington, VA The paper is flat, although it looks dimensional.


Wendy asked me to be part of a blog hop, which are like postcard swaps–you run into the nicest people anywhere in the world. I eagerly checked out the names on Wendy’s blog hop page, and, to my absolute amazement–I knew them all. Diana Trout is one of the kindest art teachers I know; Violette Clark wrote Journal Bliss about the time I was writing Raw Art Journaling,  and Tammy Garcia from Daisy Yellow is a great inspiration for me.

OK, so here are the blog hop questions and answers:

What are you working on? Wouldn’t it be nice if I gave one, succinct answer? Yeah, wrong person. I just finished a custom class on innovation and problem solving for a training course. I’m so proud that a municipality asked for it. Eventually, it will become the basis of my class on creative problem solving.  I just finished the workbook today.

"White Crow, Black Sun," © Quinn McDonald. Collage on handmade paper.

“White Crow, Black Sun,” © Quinn McDonald. Collage on handmade paper.

On the creative side, I  finished a collage  (White Crow, Black Sun).  I’ve already developed a change I want to make on the next version.

How does your work differ from others of its genre?  Many collage artists today favor “layers on layers” with bright colors, stencils, imprints, and a lot of paint and paper. My work is minimalist. The eye rests on and delights in the texture and color of the background paper. There is time for the viewer to create personal meaning, if they wish, or wonder what I meant. All of my pieces are named, and the name is part of the meaning.

Why do you write/create what I do? Because I can’t not write. Writing is always an exploration for me, a connection, a reaching out to see what will happen. I write for a living and to support my art habit. I also write poetry.

The collage work is purely for self-expression. I make meaning with my work. Creativity is my religion. I draw power and strength and comfort from it.

How does your writing/creating process work? Given enough sleep and coffee, I can write on command, on almost any subject. My corporate life was as a writer, and no one had time or room for writer’s block.

Hotel hallway runner, Washington, D.C.

Hotel hallway runner, Washington, D.C. Inspiration plenty here.

My collage work reaches back to a time before I knew who I was. I dream and develop concepts, plan an image. But I can’t anticipate design problems, so I solve what shows up along the way, or create a series that builds on what I’ve learned from the last piece, the last mistake.  I often make sketches to remind me of what I want to do.

My heart of my work is as a creativity coach, and I learn so much from my clients–about life, growth and change.

I have a small studio in my home, and I just re-did the studio to avoid too much product and having too many distractions. I find the room brighter, airier and the creative process seems lighter as well.

Next week, be sure to stop by Claudia Mazzie-Ballheim’s blog. She’ll be catching you up on her creative life. Visit Claudia’s website, too. There are two more bloggers, but I’m saving those for another day.

–Quinn McDonald is going to Minneapolis tomorrow to teach. She is waiting for whatever may happen.