Writing Poetry (and a Giveaway)

Finding What You Didn’t Lose by John Fox is a book of poetry and a book about writing poetry. Best of all, it is a book about healing through writing your personal story in poetry form.

864099The book is beautifully written and designed, with wide scholar’s margins containing comments on poetry from Ginsburg to Pascal. You could just read the comments in the margins and learn a lot about poetry writing and yourself.

Fox starts the book by encouraging a practice of breathing, stillness, and listening. It’s the best way I know how to write anything.

The book is 300 pages of examples, exercises, suggestions, and encouragement:

Our soul responds with energy to our desire to grow–and create poetry. Poetry says things in ways that no other kind of communication can. When we write poetry, it is possible to not only “heal the wounds of the heart,” but liberate our imagination. Reading and writing poetry is a secret bridge to a part of ourselves that is sacred.

I have two copies of this book, because I thought I’d lost it and then, of course, found it because I found what I hadn’t lost. It has some writing in the margins, but nothing that would detract from enjoying the book.

Leave a comment if you would like to own the book. I’ll draw a winner and announce it on Saturday, May 31.  Check back and see if you were the winner!

-Quinn McDonald reads poetry and learns about life by writing poetry.