Creative Hop (June 6, 2014)

Iris Scott was painting inside one hot summer day in Taiwan and was overcome with inertia–she didn’t want to go in to clean her brushes and fetch new ones.

That inertia changed her style of painting forever. She reached into her paints with her fingers and touched the fingers to the canvas, putting down multiple colors at the same time.

The Discussion © Iris Scott

The Discussion © Iris Scott

Her impressionistic paintings launched fingerpainting into fine art.

fine-art-finger-paintings-by-iris-scott-coverScott is based in New York and was classically trained in Florence Italy. You can see a video of Scott discussing her art on her website.

Bob Morehead is an artist who works in Virginia Beach, VA. His medium is toothpicks. Yep, wood toothpicks. He identifies as a deviantArtist (also known as outsider artist or Raw Artist).

toothpick-sculptures-by-bob-morehead-3His goal was to create a city made of toothpicks. This treehouse took more than 5,000 toothpicks.

toothpick-sculptures-by-bob-morehead-8The City of Toothpicks took eight years and have more than 100,000 toothpicks.

You can see Bob Morehead’s work on Facebook and at DeviantArt.

Néle Azevedo wanted art to make a difference. So in 2009, Azevedo created 1,000 small human figures–in ice.

Minimum Monument in Belfast.

Minimum Monument in Belfast.

The installation  (called Minimum Monument) took place outside, and the art occurred as the figures melted. It was art calling attention to climate change.

Minimum-Monument-by-Néle-Azevedo-Fev-21-2013-80039-266x200The exhibition started in Berlin, then moved to other countries, constantly reminding people of both shrinking ice caps and who is responsible for them.

Have a creative weekend!

–Quinn McDonald loves exploring artists who are working in new ways.