Creative Hop, June 14, 2014

Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo’s paintings need a second glance. You may have missed the visual trick of the eye, as well as the two meanings that flip back and forth.

Family of birds © Octavio Ocampo

Family of birds © Octavio Ocampo

Our visual systems focus on objects we recognize easily first. You may not have noticed the young woman in this scene. Or you may have seen the woman first and had to wait for the birds to come into focus.

Sunlight's Kiss ©Octavio Ocampo

Sunlight’s Kiss ©Octavio Ocampo

According to his biography, “He works primarily in the metamorphic style – using a technique of superimposing and juxtaposing realistic and figurative details within the images that he creates.


Ecstacy of the Lillies © Octavio Ocampo

Ocampo lives and works in Tepoztlan, north of Mexico City. Tepoztlan is the equivalent of Sedona–considered by many to be magical. 

Marc Thomasset is a designer and a journaler. He got tired of the rigidity of a lined journal and created one of his own so he could. . . draw outside the lines.

the-inspiration-pad-by-tm-marc-thomasset-7It’s called the Inspiration Pad. And if the one above is too tame for you, you can always write in one that looks like a topographic map:


Have a creative weekend!

–Quinn McDonald would have loved to hear the marketing pitch for the journal above.


6 thoughts on “Creative Hop, June 14, 2014

  1. More stunning inspiration — thanks Quinn! I was not familiar with Ocampo’s work, and have thoroughly enjoyed perusing his incredible imagery! The notebooks!? Mind blowingly delicious! *I am reminded slightly of my “Mixed Grids” journals — but this takes that idea to whole new level!*

    • I came across his work in an article on neuroscience, and it just staggered my imagination. The notebooks *do* have a memory of your Mixed Grids journals–great ideas think alike!

  2. Love these Saturday posts. On the family of birds, I did not see the face until I looked to my right to use the scroll bar, and when I looked back there she was!

    • That’s exactly what the article said. I found the first of the images in an article on neuroscience and perception. (I am a dedicated science geek). I then looked up the artist and was amazed at his idea of creativity.

    • I love seeing how other people play with their creativity. The journals are wonderful. I don’t know if I’d write in them, but I would be tempted to color and turn the second one into weird maps.

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