Is it a Book?

Synchronicity is a funny thing. And when it works in your life, it’s hard to ignore. Not too long ago, I posted about retiring the word scatter, and switching to distill as my word of the year. Too many things were grabbing my attention and dragging it away from what needed tending.

From Carl Jung's Red Book

From Carl Jung’s Red Book

Being a writer isn’t easy, but it is my major skill, so I wanted to honor that. And move the art and art teaching over to ripen for a few months without panicking. Explore collage at a slower pace for discovery rather than for lesson plans.

Of course I’m still going to Colorado Springs to teach Monsoon Papers at Blue Twig Studio. But unlike other summers, the schedule is not packed this summer.

Just as I decided that, a publisher contacted me. Would I be interested in writing one of a book in a series? The time frame is crazy, but it’s a topic close to my heart. But being interested led to serious consideration.

f9d117d026b56050cfcca99a546e2aa6And wouldn’t you just laugh at the synchronicity, a friend of mine has an agent who has done another one of the books in the series. A few emails and phone calls, and I had an agent.

Why an agent if I already have a publisher? Because I need someone to represent me on the contract. A contract lawyer can certainly tell me what’s legal, but for negotiations to represent the writer, an agent is the person with the skills. And this agent already has a track record with the publisher and the topic.

It’s too early to talk about the book series, the agent, the content, or anything else, but if the deal goes through, I will be posting requests for your stories and experiences on the topic. Because I’ll need your experiences and story-telling abilities to make this work.

For now, keep your fingers crossed and grin. Synchronicity lives!

—Quinn McDonald is suddenly a writer with an agent.