The DVDs Are Here!

monsoon2Last March, I filmed two DVDs to go with my books. One of the DVDs shows how to make Monsoon Papers, and the other shows several different projects that show how to store and carry your unbound journal pages.

Cloth, Paper, Scissors, the mixed-media magazine covered a Monsoon Paper project in their online magazine. It ran last week while I was in Houston teaching business writing, and I was surprised to see the link in my mailbox as I headed off to class. It took all my strength not to tell the participants to check out the DVD!

Here’s a preview:

You can purchase the Monsoon Paper  DVD here.

T3492You can see a preview of the projects in the second DVD, Art Journals Unbound on the Cloth, Paper, Scissors website. And you can purchase the Art Journals Unbound DVD here.

I am not super willing to be photographed, much less video’d, but I knew that it would be good to support the book. And to bring projects to people who can’t come to classes. It took a lot of discussing the project with my inner hero to get me to decide to do these projects. But one of my most vibrant inner heroes, The Risk Taker, finally broke down my barriers. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone from time to time.

-Quinn McDonald is a creativity coach who encourages others to take ambitious steps for creativity’s sake. She could hardly do less.



21 thoughts on “The DVDs Are Here!

  1. Quinn, It was a delight to see and hear you on video; and I love your observations and comments about your living and preferences. What fun!

    Great Wednesday to you!

  2. Finally sat and watched the promo . . . I was itching to join in! Now, what sort of paper do I have that might work?

    Congratualtions Quinn, it looks great . . . now please, kindly ask them to make it available for all of us Internationals who have to factor in the exhorbitant postage.

  3. Congratulations! It will be a success for sure and I’m so glad to see that your inner hero pushed you past your doubts.

  4. Thank you, Quinn, for sharing with us! I’m so glad that your Risk Taker “won” because I loved being able to put your voice and face together with your written words!

  5. Me too! I’m happy to have a face to go with my daily dose of Quinn. I also understand your being unwilling to be photographed or filmed. I am very much the same. But Quinn! Your beautiful! Way to kick the inner critic butt!

  6. The world is officially richer because of these videos. You have brought forth the impulsion for more creation which opens souls and beautifies our world. Thank you for what you do. I am looking forward to watching. Big hugs.

  7. Thank you for landing in my inbox every day….I look forward to your writings every day….viewing the video gave me the opportunity to finally meet the person behind the writings….what a thrill.

  8. DAHling, accessorizing your agent films; that’s fantasemtic! Now remember, never say the word “carburetor” around Brangelina, and don’t wear anything yellow near Olivia or Diane!

  9. Yeah & congratulations! I couldn’t help myself I ordered both. Looking forward to viewing them. Thx for going out of your comfort zone for us.

  10. I am glad your ‘ Risk taker’ is a strong one too, so I’ve enjoyed looking at this video and loved how you play with water and colors! Great work Quinn! And it’s also great to see you IRL!You are a lovely person, warm greets Miranda
    p.s I have to find out if they sell this Monsoon paper here in the Netherlands.

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