Worry, the Creativity Killer

Worry is an addiction. Without worry, we’d try out ideas and fail, get up and try some more. Till we succeed beyond our plans, beyond our dreams.

Worry gives us an excuse not to do anything. Instead of taking action, we substitute worry, which looks like consideration, but instead is just wrapping ourselves around our own axle.

worry1We worry about what will fail. We worry about who will not support us. And that takes up all our time. So we no longer have time to figure out how to make our idea work and how to overcome opposition. Nope, we splat! Sit down like a toddler taking the first steps and refusing to get up. When someone shows up to help, we wail and slap the outstretched hand. Because it might have germs and we don’t know where it’s been.

The best way to fight worry is to take action. Probably the action you are worrying about. Instead of  “what could go wrong next?” try out “what can I do next?”

Worry grinds you down. It makes you susceptible to powerful authority figures who look like protectors but will drain you of your ideas, your joy, and your strength. Worry makes you seek safety over anything else.

There is no guarantee of safety. Ever. Don’t trade in your creativity for safety. You won’t have enough of yourself left to survive. Worry is a warning sign. Don’t get sucked in.

—Quinn McDonald can be overwhelmed and head toward worry. She stays in action to outrun it.