Inner Hero Blog Class Starts Sept. 13

We all need inner heroes. Not all of us know how to find them. We are far more familiar with our inner critics. I want to help people find their inner heroes, even though it is not always easy. The class is about Writing Yourself Whole, gathering up the parts that don’t fit, that may be broken and finding a way to get to your strength through your journal.

Starting on this coming Saturday, I’ll be teaching a week-long class on this blog. YehudaBergQuoteIt’s about finding yourself in your inner hero, claiming your strength, knowing when you run off the rails by listening to your inner critic and all the people who mimic him. Naming your inner heroes help make them real, usable.

Each day you will be introduced to an inner critic you are probably familiar with.  Some you may recognize, some are facing you daily at work or at home, in your family or friends. You’ll then be given several prompts to use in your journal. The prompts will help you explore different ways to climb over the obstructions that block happiness, satisfaction, and contentment.

This is not an art journaling class. It’s a bone-deep writing class. You can make it into an art journaling class if you want, but this time, it’s about the writing. The connection to yourself and your strength. Through your fears and doubts. Doing some hard writing, deep writing.

The class is free. Some people will want to pay anyway. Some will find value and want to account for that. I am leaving it up to you–if you want to pay, you can. If you want to take the class for free, you are welcome to it. Here is the link to my site that allows you to donate any amount or get a gift for donating certain amounts. Again, the class is free; you don’t have to pay unless you want to.

(If, for any reason the buttons don’t work, please contact me at QuinnCreative [at] Yahoo [dot] com. They have been cranky today.)

I’m hoping that you will want to take the class and that it will help you find out the wonderful parts of you that are your inner heroes.

-Quinn McDonald is a creativity coach and the author of The Inner Hero Creative Art Journal


40 thoughts on “Inner Hero Blog Class Starts Sept. 13

  1. Barbie is making a long list of why I won´t have the time to write this, including that I need to work more on my creativity workshop so my participants won´t discover the big fraud that I am.
    Clever clog, that Inner.

    • It’s not a requirement that you have to do it every day. But I want to know about your workshop, too. Incidentally, Barbie is wrong. Any workshop of yours will be a huge creative success. Just sayin’, Barbie

      • {big thankful hug} *grab a drink this might be long*
        The situation: on a late night chat with local crafters I said I would reprise The artist´s way workshop in 2015 and two of the girls said they would attend if it were in Spanish. (This part reminded me of one of your anecdotes: I´d buy that piece if it were round, smaller, silver, something different) Cue to mad dash of rearrenging and chickening out afterwards, sending a message “site is not ready, bla, bla, bla” but Gigly was having none of that. “Send me the account´s details”. Panic, panic, panic. She even brought 8 of her own students over. Now I´m scoring the blog/FB group every hour to see if they like what they see, change what they don´t (Oooooh, that´s another one: I got one “I want you to tell me – cut this, glue that, draw a bridge~.”) and wonder why there are two that are not active. Barbie is having a party with those.
        The workshop: three virtual meetings a week for 12 weeks. One for a check in and notes on that week´s chapter of The artist´s way, one art journaling class and one interview with an artist or creative coach.

        • This sounds like it could be really fun. And I love that you had a friend who pushed you into starting. We need that SO often, because the inner critic makes stopping SO tantalizing–we just aren’t ready, it’s not good enough yet. I think this sounds like a wonderful exploration–the mix of the book, working through it, and the coach or artist–it sounds really brilliant! Too bad I don’t speak Spanish–“Cuidado, piso mojado” is my best sentence.

  2. Look like the donate page is not working properly. Tried to donate $50 to get your Inner Hero book, but it only selects the $75 level in the order summary page. And the drop down menus don’t drop down. Sigh. 😦

    • The workshop will show up on my blog every day, starting on this Saturday, September 13. Because the workshop is free, there is no need to register. If you want to donate, there will be a link on the first day as well as on this blog. If you want to subscribe to the blog, is to the right of the writing, in a small white box.

  3. Well this couldn’t have come at a better time Quinn! My inner critic and all his friends are camping out with me right now and playing havoc!!! Time for the inner hero to emerge in all her glory!

  4. Wow…I have had a brilliant day and then to check my emails and discover this gift is the perfect end…I would love to participate and it’s the perfect timing for a wee kick up the backside! Thanks Quinn…x….can’t wait….you are such a constant and inspiration …you are the only blog I follow…what a treat you are to daily life..x

  5. This is a very generous offer! And I am now looking forward to it. It has recently been made clear to me that I need to begin to journal much more frequently than I have been and the timing for this sounds perfect. Thank you Quinn!

  6. How wonderful to once again participate in an on-line class experience with you, Quinn. I still have my writing from the 30 day deep writing class from several years ago…and I continue to practice many of the lesson exercises in my daily writing life. Looking forward with joy and happiness to be a part of this week long learning experience and have share your offer with some friends that will surely find your teaching style beneficial to them. Thank you for making your information available in this on-line free class format. Kristin

  7. Oh dear, Oh my. Paving stones to self-actualization keep appearing in my path. Dare I step on them and follow them to a place where healing begins? I fear I must, for to refuse is to accept that the inner (and outer) critics have been correct all along. Yes, “critics”. I have a chorus made up of many voices who are busy inhabiting my worlds and using my words, leaving small, sparse bits for me to use in my poems and stories.

    • You are not alone–although you write beautifully about it. We don’t have one inner critic, we have many, and we recognize bits and pieces of them in our detractors and critics. And yes, this is about self-actualization. Big step, Ray!

  8. Thank you so much. This is very generous of you. And I have to agree with Nina, I do feel excited but scared. Can’t wait to get started. Hugs, Sylvie

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