Sometimes it’s Just Weird

Sometimes creativity is a spark to brilliance; sometimes it’s just weird. This week may be fashion week in New York, but I was looking at furniture online. All of these pieces are actual chairs and for sale. (No links, I just can’t bring myself to include links.)

somethingsafootThe “Something’s afoot” chair from Anthropologie. I want to be in the marketing meeting where this thing was approved.

weird-furniture-2_thumbWhat’s the point? I want comfort. Of course I love pencils, but not poking me in the . . . everywhere.

strange-furniture-odd-couches-weird-beds-unique-tables27Someone put the lampshade on their head at the office party–and then froze that way. And if this lady-lamp is naked, why is she wearing pumps and lights?

weird-furnitureThe woman who got eaten by a plastic hose chair. It just doesn’t look comfortable, sort of like putting your panties on the wrong way.  And, does it come in another color?

Quinn McDonald thinks it’s OK to be weird, as long as you don’t have to pay to be uncomfortable.



16 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s Just Weird

  1. weird or not, it’s creativity and though the artists here (yes, they are artists) have pushed the boundary way beyond our personal comfort zones, I’m glad they did. I wouldn’t buy them either but I’m entertained and intrigued by them.

  2. Until I scrolled down and saw the shoe I thought the first one was okay. I met a guy in India who would have found the pencil chair perfectly comfortable and the woman simply cannot take her shoes off because she’d break the light bulbs! I know that doesn’t answer your question but it will have to do. As for the last one . . . someone sewed buttons on a stuffed octopus and asked a drama group to find other uses for it . . . and yes there are other colours: shocking pink, karitane yellow and an ink-stained grey.

    By the way a Karetani Nurse was a specialist in babies who visited mothers in their homes in NZ . . . the yellow reference is linked to the contents of a baby’s nappy and I can’t see the colour without an image popping into my head . . . and a memory of the smell!

    • Without the shoe, the chair would be perfect for a formal dining hall. Men and women could take off their coats or jackets and have them at the table. But the shoe. . .I have no idea. I love your other descriptions. Particularly the “Keritane yellow.” Ew.

  3. I thought that hose chair was giving birth to that woman. Sometimes I would like to be able to be in the minds of some people to see their creative process. Sometimes it would just be too scary. 🙂

  4. I truly needed a good laugh today, thanks! I don’t think I’d buy any of these, though I could see the hanger chair in a very large walk-in closet, perhaps, or in a retail environment…I got a good chuckle imagining the prickly pencil chair in a small lobby area, preceded by a Go Away welcome mat, and a framed picture of a grouchy-looking curmudgeon hanging on the wall! Naked lamp lady not welcome; would probably freak me out seeing it in a dark room at night…I practically snorted picturing myself in the odd hose chair, having to go answer the door and not being able to get out in time, so hobbling to the door, wearing it…Help! An octopus has me in it’s clutches!

    • I thought the same thing–The weird hanger-and-shoe chair would probably look good in some *alternative* retail store. But that “the chair ate me” one made me think that my head should come out the biggest opening and the legs should somehow come out the bottom. But, as Cooking Man says, my phone didn’t ring, so no one is asking me my opinion.

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