I Hab a Code

It’s been a long time since I had a cold. I can’t remember the last time, although I do remember I was offended that it ruined the beginning of a good summer–so maybe 2013. Yes, I am very lucky to be healthy. While I do wash my hands often, I never wipe the handle of the grocery cart, do not carry hand-santizer in my purse, use the markers and eraser that others use in classrooms. Builds strength for my immune system.

What surprised me today was how completely unprepared I am to be sick. lazy4Having just arrived home from a teaching gig, and having to lead a celebration of someone’s life tomorrow, and then leave for another teaching gig on Monday, I had work to do. There is no time to be sick.

Yelling at your body doesn’t work. It’s better to be kind. A dozen times today, I reached for my car keys to run errands. Then I changed my mind. Instead, I created a to-do list of items that needed to be done, and grouped them into tasks I could do with minimum effort. Harder stuff can wait a day or so.

napSeveral tasks done, I headed for bed. In the middle of the day. And I took a nap. The best cure I know for colds, flu, general poopy feeling is lying down and staying down. Naps are suspect, but naps are a great idea. I’m fond of coffee naps–drink a cup of coffee and lie down. For 20 minutes, while your body revs up with coffee, you can get in a good nap.

Your body needs to rest. While you are resting, all those antioxidants you take can get busy fighting for your immune system.

For years I refused to rest when I was sick. I went to work, spread my cold to others and felt awful for two weeks. Now that I own the business, I’m smarter. No spreading the cold, rest and hope I’ll feel awful for one week.

Take care of your body. It’s the only one you will have in this life.

–Quinn McDonald will be happy when the cold goes to play with someone else’s sinuses.


19 thoughts on “I Hab a Code

  1. I rarely get sick either. When I feel that little “tingle” in the back of my throat I immediately plop an Air-Bourne tablet in water and drink it. I know they don’t advertise it will cure anything…and it doesn’t. I guess what it does is boost my immune system and the “bug” goes bye-bye!! Works every single time!!

  2. A code id da dose id nod good.

    On the plus side you get to dream a little, indulge in a little day-time zzzz-ing and fantasize about your amazing body clearing itself of invaders . . . you could draw it as well!

  3. Hope you feel better soon, Quinn! Take care of yourself but also let others step in, if need be. I’m here if you need anything, I’m honestly just a phone call away. XO

  4. Thanks for not spreading the cold! Hope you feel well soon. I love the idea of “coffee naps”. Take care of you. Sending virtual chicken soup and a virtual, germ free hug.

    • The biggest lesson to learn is to care enough about others not to think you are so important in the world that is is just great to spread your germs all over the place. Staying home limits a lot of energy-drain, too.

  5. It’s OK to give in, which is counter to the image society portrays. I’m so sorry you’re sick and I hope you feel better sooner rather than later – and REST!!!!!

  6. Sorry you are sick Quinn. I am glad I am not the only one who takes coffee naps! My husband thinks I am weird because coffee is supposed to wake you up but it puts me to sleep!

  7. There is nothing like lots of sleep when you have a cold and the flu. 🙂 And it can actually be fatal if you don’t slow down and take it easy, especially if you have fever, even just a little, and you exert yourself physically. Hopefully your cold clears up during the weekend!

  8. The photo of the squirrel is the ultimate example of giving in…….to sleep….to be lazy……to be sick…..and so on…..why do we need to fight, swimming against the tide…….
    You are wise to be kind to your body and yourself! And your post is again synchroon to where I am…….not taking good care of my body. In another way but the main issue is the same.
    Wishing you and your body healing time! Miranda

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