Book Giveaway: Just My Typo

No, the title is not a typo, the book title is Just My Typo, a compilation of mistakes, goofs, slips and typos by Drummond Moir.

9780385346610I talk a lot about making mistakes, so it seems like a good time to give away a book full of them, from misheard instructions to fat-fingered keystrokes. Twelve chapters that will make you grin, cringe, and push the comma over just a little.

From page 42: “In 1924 Mr. Rockwell compiled the genial orgy of the Rockwell family.”

The chapters include:

  • To be or To Be: typos in Literature
  • The Fourth Mistake: typos in the media
  • The Word Stage: typos of historical and political significance
  • The Lingua Franca: typos abroad
  • Food for Thought: grastronomic typos
  • The Cost of a Comma: the most expenxive typos
  • Immaculate Contraption: kids’ typos

It’s a short book, 168 pages of typos and an excellent index so you can find your article-1290338-0A3CD984000005DC-923_634x402favorites again.

From page 68: “Chocolate potato cake: 6 oz. margarine, 1 oz. cocoa, 4 oz. mashed potato, 5 oz. self-raising flour, 433 eggs, size 3.”

There are typo photos and collected typos and favorites of editors and writers.

How to win the book: Leave a comment, letting me know why this is the book for you. Winner will be announced on this coming Friday, October 10 on the blog. Be sure to check back in to see if you won!

–Quinn McDonald loves typos unless she makes them.

33 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Just My Typo

  1. What a fabulous book, I would love a chance to win it. Partly because it would drive me crazy to read all those errors, and partly because I know if I shared it with my hubby it would drive him crazy too. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  2. Hee hee! My friends have named me The Grammar Lady. I’m thinking I need a cape or tights or something, because it’s all about the costume, right? Now if I had this book, I could do a drawing of my stylized and stylish self, clasping the book in one hand and a giant, sparkling red pencil in the other. An image calculated to strike fear in the hearts of grammar and spelling miscreants! So glad you shared this. Love a laugh with my morning coffee!

  3. I just read something in the latest AARP magazine about joining a Laughter Club. I haven’t a clue how to find one, however, just reading some excerpts from this book brought a chuckle to my early morning blog reading. Thanks, Quinn, for posting and for the book giveaway.

  4. I have a cognitive disorder that sometimes interferes with my spelling (ironic for a multi-local spelling bee champ), and some of my typos are quite amusing (one I made in response to an FB post by a friend over the weekend provoked much hilarity and fun). I am embarrassed but I’m not as upset as I used to be. I would love to win this book but if I do, I would prefer that it be given to April and her dad.

  5. Thank you for a great laugh The comments were wonderful. My love of words and grammar start with my hand made paper. It would be an artistic sin to include a typo in its fibers. Allison

  6. I am my family’s grammar, spelling, and punctuation police. Nothing on facebook or in the written word are above my red-pencil edits. It drives people batty (which may be a good thing now that Hallowe’en is near).

  7. You have to ask why? Well, I’m still wondering about the Massive Laptop Sale, and ‘beaututiful’ has become part of our family lexicon ever since a 7 year-old who shall remain nameless misspelled it in her story, in my class, in 1986. I think you should give it to April Lopez though.

  8. This is a must have book for me. I love to read these hilarious, unintended typos, mistakes , too funny. Always good for a laugh.

  9. In grade two a classmate gave me a valentine in which he wrote: I lik you. I was merciless. “You lick me?” I said. “Gross!”

    Perhaps, without the typo, things might have gone differently between us. You can see why I understand, with my “mature” take on that event, how important typos are.

  10. Well, I could write a comment, but Debbie has already written it. Sigh. But I will read this book. I love typos, especially signs. I can sit here and cackle away to myself, hoping no one catches me at it.

  11. I worked as an adoption caseworker. Once I was doing research on an old file. A letter from their physician caught my eye: “I apologize for using the wrong term. My secretary was out, and I typed the letter myself.” The original letter read: “I do recall that the family had a problem with infidelity, and I spoke with them about it, and despite our best efforts, a pregnancy did not occur.” He explained: “I meant to type ‘infertility’, not ‘infidelity!'”

  12. It would take something on the scale of the Encyclopedi Britanica to cover all my typos and whatever one calls “write-o”! The most recent to a sick friend: “If you are there I’ll just sit on the front porch and wait . . .” ??? What? I’m the one who wrote drafts of letters to my soon-to-be husband in order to avoid silly goofs. Oh yeah, then copied carefully on pretty stationery!

  13. One reason is I was a business English studen and typos and bad grammar drive me insane. Also my dad is terminally ill and we could use a good laugh together.

  14. I love words and typos. LIke Debbie I proofread everything. Can’t help it. In fact I’ve noticed a few in your blogs lately. 🙂 Wish I could find a job doing it. Kid’s “typos” often stem from mishearing words. One of my really favorite ones was made into a Christmas movie, Olive, the other reindeer.

  15. Oh, Quinn, I have to have this book. I love this stuff! I am a proofreader and nothing passes me by. 🙂 I have the book “Eats, Shoots and Leaves.” There are also website full of this stuff, with really funny images.

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