New Year’s Eve, Almost 2015

Calendars are about to expire, new ones flip into place. As you get older, time moves faster. In 2014, some months zipped by, others dragged.

Seeing these clouds tonight means a change in the weather tomorrow. Rain, most likely

Seeing these clouds tonight means a change in the weather tomorrow. Rain, most likely

What’s interesting about a calendar is that it does more than mark time, it can set the pace.

January and February, lacking big holidays, can drag by because it is also dark and cold (in the Northern hemisphere.)

I remember clearly living in New England and celebrating the mid-February day when I arrived home without turning on my headlights. It was a cause for celebration.

If you keep a journal, you might make some interesting notes today. The mileage on your car–next year, you can see how far you’ve come.  The price of a gallon of gas, a gallon of milk, a dozen eggs. Those items rise and fall and it’s interesting to see if you can find any connections. It’s also interesting to stick a photo of yourself or your family into the journal at the end of the year.

When I was in graduate school, I read the diaries of hundreds of immigrant women from the 1890s. They told about their ordinary days, but finding the descriptions of what life was like, what bread cost, how dress hems got muddy because there weren’t storm sewers–or sidewalks–made for interesting reading.

In those diaries were real stories–and real history. Personal stories about historical events. Without that information, I would have never been able to write a dissertation. Understood the world as I find it now. Some of their wisdom is still with me.

For now, write down the things you want to leave behind in 2014. You don’t need to bring everything along into 2015. Pack light, but bring dancing shoes. It’s going to be that kind of year.

—Quinn McDonald is looking forward to 2015.



16 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve, Almost 2015

  1. Now I have to find my Commonplace book and start to use it every day. Even if I just say, “Good morning!”. We forget that our notes and everyday jottings are a window into the past. Thank you, Quinn, for this inspiration, today and every day you post.

    • When I was way too old to know better, I realized that history books didn’t tell the “truth” but some version of someone else’s truth. So jotting down a few sentences about natural history, the zeitgeist and culture really creates a fascinating look into a human life and living.

  2. I found you this year somehow in my blog surfing and have been following you everyday since. Your little nuggets are an encouraging way to start my day. Your comment about packing light, bring the dancing shoes and that it’s going to be that kind of year says it all. I’m starting off my 2015 smash book journal with that as a quote, if you don’t mind. Good wishes for 2015!

  3. Thank you, Quinn, for brightening my day. Getting the journal out and dusting off the dance shoes. Looking forward to the New Year and all it promises to be.

  4. I subscribed to your blog in 2014 and I will take it with me into 2015. I also plan on taking those dancing shoes and think I will picture them in red. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful wisdom which has given me pause for thought often and some demanded that I take action. Have a happy and healthy New Year filled with adventure.

  5. Thank you for your ongoing blog. I don’t leave many comments, but I read every post and appreciate your comments and observations. I particularly like the advice today – pack light and bring your dancing shoes!

      • WOW! That jolted me to the core. “We go where we look.” As a motorcyclist I know this to be true when on two wheels, but I have never applied it to any other facet of my life. This may become my phrase of the year. Tied to and in conjunction with my Word of the Year (Daily) it resonates with what I must do to move forward. Thank you again for the nuggets of wisdom you share with us all from the deep, abundant and rich mine of your mind.

        • When I learned that rule (you go where you look), it was from a motorcycle instructor, and only then did I realize how true it was in the rest of life. I’ve used it to create change often, and it never fails me.

  6. Quinn… I love your blog but I especially love this one… It really spoke to me on a lot of levels… Wishing you a happy, healthy, magical 2015! Xoxo Reva

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