Milking the Word

The first week of January has stumbled off and here we are, in what becomes mid-January in a few days. Now that the decorations are packed away, school is back in session, and work is swinging along, it’s time to unwrap that Word you chose for 2015 and take a closer look.

It’s probably written in your journal a few pages back. Take a look at it, and spend some time with it.

What called you to that word?

What would you like the word help you do this week?

How can that special word help you make 2015 remarkable?

How will this word help you change?

It’s fun to ask different questions about the word and invite it into your life and journal in different ways. Writing about it helps clear away the “just a word” aspect and brings in into your lap, where you can make it come alive.

Quinn McDonald is seeing her word show up around every corner.


13 thoughts on “Milking the Word

  1. I have chosen a number 10% I need to eat 10% less do at least 10% more art, less watching TV, spending etc I felt it could fit a lot of situation’s and keep me going for the whole year.

  2. Ha, I’m pretty sure Marit was talking about me. 😉
    I chose what I call a ‘theme’ for the year 2015 (yes I decided against ‘gentle’ after all, even though I still think that would make a good word).
    The theme is ‘Don’t leave home’. It’s meant both somewhat literal (as in stay in your home, work with what is in there, use what you’ve got) and figurative (is that the right word ‘figurative’?) as in stay with yourself, be close to who you are in your actions and decisions. I wrote about it more extensively on my blog if you’re curious.
    Can’t wait to see what this will all lead to. I’m pretty happy about my choice.

  3. In addition to my Salt & Light, (chosen to carry for life) I decided on Content, this year. Out of the blue, the boyfriend who ended things 7 months ago, returned to me, and my new job that I left a long-term job for, came to an end, as they aren’t pulling in enough money…

    Hard to say I’m feeling content right now! I’m venturing forth on new old ground, and also trying not to run in circles, panicking!

    Wow. I just wanted Contentment, which sounded peaceful and cozy and satisfied with what I have.

    But Content can also be read as CONtent, as in stuff…things contained and added…and so here is something added back to my life again. And something removed, to hopefully make room for new content. Hopefully better content.

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  5. I choose a word in the last 5 years, but this year I somehow ‘felt’ for a sentence.. more of a phrase actually (a part of a songtitle) – and why not? So here’s another artist choosing a sentence, and I know of at least one other artist choose a sentence for 2015 (is it a trend?)

  6. I’ve heard of the practice of choosing a special word each year but I have never done it. Suddenly I’m feeling the need for a sentence…..”let it go” Is it ok to have a sentence instead of a word?
    ok, ok, I know you’re not the word/sentence police; just wondered if anybody else has a sentence and if the meaning of my sentence is wrong for the purpose of this idea?

    • Of course you can have a phrase or a sentence–the idea of a word is a constant (or, as they say in science experiments, “a control” word) to see how you grow around that word, phrase, or sentence. The important thing is to be mindful of how the word shows up and steers you in 2015.

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