Numbers, Up and Down

The week of Christmas, my blog stats shot up. And they didn’t stop. Readership increased 78 percent, and I finished December with the biggest month in two years. It’s hard not to think about writing skills, choice of topics. I’ve had this happen before, so I kept my head from swelling too much.

But the trend continued. In the next week, the numbers went up again. A lot. And then, today. Sigh. Monday was the least-read day. Ever. I have no idea what happened to the readers, or what caused the wave to crest and then crash.


Chinese seal with ancient script. Translation to right.

I do know that many people weed out their reading list in the new year. I can make up lots of stuff, the opposite of what I could have made up when the readers boosted the numbers.

The truth of writing, whether it’s a blog or as a freelancer, or writing workbooks, is that there are good times and there are bad times, and often you don’t know why. Can’t predict the dip or the swell. Just ride it out, good or bad.

What to do? Keep the value up. Don’t worry about the quantity, worry about the quality. Fans, audiences, followers will come and go. Keep making art. Keep writing. Keep singing, dancing and making meaning. Your audience may take a break, but your work continues. “Do not become complacent with victory, do not become frustrated with defeat. “–Chinese proverb.

–Quinn McDonald is riding the wave. Down. Because it will come back up again.