Interesting Art from Interesting Artists

On Saturday, it seems right to take a look at unusual art from people who like to make art, opinion be damned.

Ignacio Canales Aracil makes hollow vessels out of dried flowers.


*     *     *     *

Richard Sweeney makes paper sculptures. Amazing ones.

Richard-Sweeney_05*    *     *    *   *

Graffiti artist Odeith creates art that looks three-dimensional, but isn’t.

odeith-anamorphic-3d-graffiti-letters-pink-and-green-fluor-lights-lisboa-portugal*     *     *    *

Another three-dimensional artist, Pejac, creates murals on walls. They look like, but have, no depth.


Here’s another Pejac artwork that looks like a poster, but is flat art.


Have a creative weekend!

-Quinn McDonald is a creativity coach.


20 thoughts on “Interesting Art from Interesting Artists

  1. What incredible work. I paricularly liked the delicate work of Ignacio Canales Aracil.

    I wondered why it was necessary to say “The flowers of these sculptures were collected from the private gardens of the most renowned landscape designers in europe (sic). ” Does that somehow add to the artwork? Would it have the same prestige if the plant material was gathered from vacant lots in Madrid? For me, it seemed a little like snobbery, so the only people who could afford them were impressed. For such a beautiful morning I’m feeling a little cynical . . . perhaps I need to do a little self examination.

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