Saturday Creative Ramble Jan 31, 2015

Art doesn’t always have to hang on the wall or be a museum installation. There are a lot of practical artists who make art that you can use in everyday life. Swedish designer Gabriel Sarkijarvi, created an Illusion Chair. The slats of the chair, from some angles, look like a chair back. From another angle, you can see the shape of a face.

Illusion_Chair_Gabriel_Sarkijarvi2-600x900-565x847He carves the chair by pixilating the image, transferring it to slats of wood, then translating the final image into birch chairs.

Here’s the chair from an angle–the image still shows because it is three dimensional.  Imagine the heirloom value!


While thinking about chairs, you can change your room by customizing the wallpaper. This design, by ZNAK,  (via Design Milk) consists of pieces you can remove–as many or as few as you want, creating constantly changing designs all over your house.


What would it look like in two patterns in a dining room? Like this:


Forget what you need to do as soon as you leave? These new post-it notes will help you. No, not by reminding you about the hole in your memory. . .

12632_switch-note-product-on-black-565x485. . . but by helping you. Put these notes on your switchplate by the door and you’ll have a great memory boost whether you are coming or going.


You could get used to these clever inventions made by Switch Notes by suck uk stationary store.

26449_sk-umbrella2The company also makes an incredible clever travel journal , skyline gift wrap (your wrapped gifts look like a city, no one would blame you for using it in collage) and an umbrella that changes color when it gets wet. You’ll be waiting for rain!

Want to see an island in the making? Here’s a clip of lava dripping into the ocean off the coast of Hawaii. Lava is molten rock. I wonder how much it heats up the ocean right around it.

Have a creative weekend!

Disclosure: I found these interesting items while doing important internet research avoiding doing my taxes. I am not paid by anyone or make any money from these items.

Quinn McDonald loves the jump from creative idea to useful product.