Good Writing Blogs

If you are a writer, or a writer-hopeful, you’ll need to look at some other writing blogs and posts.

Here’s a list that should get you started in the right direction.

1. Goins, Writer has a great post on the difference between good writers and bad writers. I so love the first paragraph because I personally know how true it is.

2. K.M. Weiland is Helping Writers Become Authors. Here is her post on fixing the most common writing mistakes authors make.

3. Jane Friedman will help you with a 7-Step Business Plan for becoming a writer. One that gets work.

4. Linda Formichelli is the Renegade Writer. She helps you deal with trolls who hate what you write. Also friends who rip you to shreds.

5. Joanna Pen from the Creative Pen shows you how to write, publish and sell your book.

6. The Artist’s Road is run by Patrick Ross. He talks about living an art committed life.

That should get you started finding your way as a writer, nodding your head and smiling. And that’s what writing is about.

Quinn McDonald is a non-fiction writer who teaches writing.

2 thoughts on “Good Writing Blogs

  1. Interesting list Quinn. Goins has some straight forward advise, I like it.
    I would like to point you to a MOOC course I am doing on the moment:
    For a not native English speaker it helped me to get in 5 weeks a quick overview of 8 parts of Speech (among other lessons).
    Then a final remark: link nr. 6 goes to Joanne Penn’s site instead of Patrick Ross.

    • That MOOC must have been great–five weeks isn’t a long time to catch up on English grammar, which is tricky to begin with. I’ll have to check it out. And thanks for telling me the link went wonky. I should try to put together complicated blogs when I’m sick.

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