Timing, Timing

dandelionThere are days that I am in top form, ready to go, loving what shows up. And then there are days when I have a cold. It’s been a week now and the snot fairy has moved into my head with a long-term lease and the cactus is firmly ensconced in my throat.

Feeling sick is a normal part of life–no one is healthy all the time. I am tremendously lucky that I haven’t been seriously sick in many years. And a cold–even a bad cold–is just that. It’s not life-threatening. But there is something that does happen when I don’t feel well, and I bet it happens to other people, too.

I catastrophize. Small upheavals become giant, and small efforts don’t work. Everything requires huge effort. And yesterday, my Plan B because my only option. Because I let it look like my only choice. Although I know “you look where you go,” feeling sick made me look more closely at failure, at not making it, at playing small, crushed and defeated. And headed right into that direction.

So I stoked up on cold medicine and went to see the client. Ready to be defeated and go home and eat worms.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 3.05.58 PMThank goodness for smart clients. This one turned me away from Plan B and steered me right back to Plan A. The Big Game. Some sense seeped into my stuffy brain. I pushed back the highly polished Plan B and pulled out the A Game. And it worked. The client was pleased. Encouraged me. And way against my expectations, Plan A glowed and Plan B (what to do if I fail) crumbled.

So, one more time: when you aren’t feeling well, don’t let that define you. Don’t go for the worst scenario. Intense self-care, even if you think you don’t deserve it, if vital if you own the business, stand up for yourself or represent your work.

Don’t brush off your self-care. It will always reward you. I learned to ignore self-care from years of working in businesses where being sick was not an excuse to stay home. Now it’s my business. And self-care comes first.

—Quinn McDonald will be getting better any moment now. Please.

14 thoughts on “Timing, Timing

  1. Bragg’s vinegar was unpleasant at first..now a few years down the road I actually like it…between a fresh squeezed lemon every morning and Bragg’s at noon and evening, only one very small cold in over five years, and no flu.
    Sending warm, healing energy your way..really have enjoyed the posts the past days…well always on my morning reading list, and good, but some great top of the mountain posts for me lately.

    • The joy of a lemon tree! Since vinegar has no vitamin C, and I have some 200 lemons on the tree, I’m sticking with the lemons! Thanks for the kind words about the blog; sometimes writing alone means you have no idea if anyone reads it.

  2. GUgh, I have a cold as well, right now, and Florida is unusually chilly…
    Hot & Sour soup is one of my go-to’s, too!!!
    Was happy to see the picture of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Garden Sprite!
    I have that exact statue out on my balcony 🙂

    I hope you feel better soon…lots of rest, lots of fluids, mug aftwr mug of hot tea and of course, chicken soup!
    Vitamin C, garlic, Echinacea, sunshine…

    • Love the Garden Sprite, although she’s not mine, I will eventually own one. I’m bascially healthy, so I’m letting my body do the work, while I drink tea and see how many carbs are in hot and sour soup.

  3. Hot lemon, honey and ginger as hot as you can stand it will soothe your throat. I am drinking gallons of this as I too am suffering. Garlic soup (and you may add meat to this) seems to help a lot too.Also zinc, oil of oregano and there are several Boirion (sp) products that seem to help me out. Hope you feel better soon!

    • No honey for this diabetic–but the hot and sour soup has ginger. And a sort of ginger brew that I use to make tea with helps. Unfortunately, my stomach is kind of sensitive, so strong brews that are sour or too spicy aren’t ummmmm, lasting long right now.

  4. Feel better soon, Quinn! And I’m sure you already know this but the secret ingredient to that p̶e̶n̶i̶c̶i̶l̶l̶i̶n̶ chicken soup is dill seed.XO

  5. Sending healing energy thoughts….and also recommend Vitamin C in large amounts and Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs) because that always helps something… Wishing you a relaxing weekend!


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