The Patience of Grass

I’m not a patient person. As this cold/flu/bronchitis crawls on into its 12th day, I’m discovering just how impatient I can be. It’s not something I’m proud of. But I hate being sick. Not walking. Not really wanting to eat. And worse still, doing taxes because it’s something I can do.

Nature provides me with lessons on life all the time. Here’s a recent favorite. This sign is well over eight feet tall.














What I love is that coming out of the top is fresh, growing grass. In our searing heat last summer, that grass, crawled up, inch by inch, in 110-degree heat in a metal tube. Grass that does not grow that tall. It just kept climbing. Now it’s reached the top.


And now it’s found the sun and recent rain. That is patience. Patience with not idea of a result. Just patience.

A lesson well-taken.

-Quinn McDonald is still coughing and sneezing herself through tax season.


14 thoughts on “The Patience of Grass

  1. What a great photo! I have a cousin to this strain of Bermuda grass. It’s growing inside the covering on the utility pole in my yard. Last year it grew well above my head. I just checked it; the highest visible piece of grass is dormant now. Once it’s green I’ll share a shot of it with you!

  2. Oh dear, it is taiing a while for you body to fight off this infection or virus . . . which is it?

    As for the grass, is it one that sends out runners (like kikyuy that can grow and inch a day), drawing on the moisture back at ground level. It pops up from inder my deck through cracks and when I pull at it I can easily get a strand of exploratory stem a metre long. It doesn’t seem to send roots out along the stem until it finds sunlight at the end. There’s another lesson there about exploration, the source of strength, gradually becoming independent, but it’s a little too early to formulate it succinctly. I haven’t had my coffee yet.

    • I haven’t gone to the doctor. So many people I know have this thing, I kind of hate to spread it to others. It takes me two weeks to get a doctor’s appointment, and by that time, I’ll be fine again. Lots of liquids, lots of sleep and doing taxes has been my pattern. My biggest weirdness is that I have no desire to be in the studio. That has NEVER happened.

    • Today, when the sun warms us up a bit more, I am going to do a short walk to the park and back. Every bit helps. My biggest shocker is that I have no desire to go to the studio and do anything.

  3. I would say that a woman who can do collages with teeny tiny bits of paper no larger that my little fingernail has extrordinary amounts of patience. Maybe we just pick and choose where to use our patience!!! Feel better my friend, a new collage awaits you!

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