The Creative Slump

While I’ve been sick (yeah, I’m real tired about writing about it, too),  I haven’t stepped foot in the studio. No interest. This is so unusual for me, I took a closer

Even a mosaic goes together piece by piece.

Even a mosaic goes together piece by piece.

look. I’ve been spending spare time doing my taxes, a chore I absolutely loathe. But the dumb repetition of finding dates on receipts (why in Bastet’s name do they not put the date in the same place on all receipts?) and putting the amount on a spreadsheet is something I can manage to do.

Normally, I keep a list of ideas I want to work on, but I can’t think of anything that interests me at the moment. There is work on the desk, ready to go. Not interested.

There’s clearly a connection about a stuffed head and an empty brain. And I’m not rushing it. True, I haven’t written in my journal in two weeks. Unusual. And it’s Spring, and usually I want to make note of the day the fig started leafing out. Nope.

Instead of worrying about this, I’m shrugging it off. When I feel ready, I’ll go back. I think it’s odd, but then again, I’ve learned a lot about my body and when my body is ready to pull itself together, it will. Meanwhile, I’ll drift, read, and celebrate the fact that the taxes are done about two weeks earlier than ever!

Quinn McDonald is getting it together, piece by piece.

8 thoughts on “The Creative Slump

  1. Aha! You were making mosaics with little pieces of paper after all. It’s just that they were receipts and the mosaic is that lovely, done-and-out-the-door spreadsheet for taxes. Being sick has opened up a whole new aspect of your creativity, it seems to me.

  2. I sure hope you feel better soon, Quinn! I’m thinking about you and wish we could get together but I know we will soon…..after we both have some time for fun. XO

    • I hope we can get together soon. I know you had this, but I’m not risking that you catch my new, improved, lemon-freshened version and pass it on to your family! But I’ve got good meds and should be better soon. Fun–yes, that would be good!

  3. So sorry you have this bug, Quinn – sure hope it takes its ugly self away soon and that you can begin to feel more like yourself. In the meantime, you are so wise to not rush it.

  4. Quinn, I have now been sick for one month and I’m still limping along. Think I am up to about 40% capacity right now, if it is a good moment. Still taking naps and complaining about fatigue … take care of your cute little body. Bonnie

    • OMG, you have the same thing. It’s exactly it–I need two naps a day, I go to bed by 8 p.m. and everything is an effort. I’m not even losing weight anymore. Ugh. I hope you feel better fast!

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