Dusty Studio

I’ve been out of the studio so long, it’s dusty. Easy fix. As I’m dusting, I’m thinking about what I want to do next. The pills have finally worked, and I can’t wait to get back to work.

Random phone-call doodle tree. With words.

Random phone-call doodle tree. With words.

Words. My first love. What should I do with words? Ah, found poetry. Love that SO much. Oh, found poetry on a collage background! Yes! Oh, no, on a watercolor background! And get the poem first, so the background works with it!

But, but, gelli plates! I should do that first. I’ve really forgotten half of what I learned. That great way to put down a layer then put a color over it and pull part of it off! The batik effect! And then do found poetry on it! Yes!

No, wait. Carve some stamps. I’ve always wanted to do it and never have. I keep hesitating. I have the material, and it’s not so expensive, it’s a tragedy if I mess up. In fact, if I mess up, it can become part of something else. Yes, I’ll do that first!

Oh, I still have leftover homework from the class I was taking when I got sick. I should do the homework first. Maybe something will inspire me there.

Discarded piece of gelli-plate print.

Discarded piece of gelli-plate print.

It was a drawing class, and I want to incorporate words in drawings. Oh, that idea I had about using cut-out words to shade drawings. And then move on to hand-lettering words to shade drawings. But just random letters. No, real words. Different sizes. That would be fun.

Hm. Journal is a bit small for experimenting, I should do this on bigger paper. But what about my abandoned journal? Shouldn’t I be catching up in that?

Help! I’m feeling better and don’t know where to start!

–Quinn McDonald has a well-dusted studio and needs to get started doing something delicious.



25 thoughts on “Dusty Studio

  1. On one particular day after having recovered from a long bout of the flu and as I was agonizing over having too many things to catch up on, all equally important, my good friend said that since I didn’t know where to begin, then it didn’t matter where I began and just to begin on something.
    It doesn’t matter where I begin…..this advice has carried me through many an anxious day.

    • It’s true–if it’s all important, it doesn’t matter. I have a lot of business work to catch up on, too, and that always comes first. I should make sure I plan play time.

  2. Hah! You’re feeling better! That’s great all by itself! So, pick one and start. (You have no idea of how many times I say that to myself each day…)

  3. Glad you are over the bug – being sick is miserable. This is how I feel every time I walk into my studio except my quandary is work on that quilt block I started???? Finish that vest i really wanted to wear while it’s winter??? watch that art journal video and play in sketchbook??? oops, I’m a month behind on my calendar journal (Love that idea Quinn!) Then there’s the book that’s half done, the family picture wall I want to hang…oh my…

    • A lot of ideas sound exciting, but they sure can keep you running in circles. There an edge of an idea that keeps escaping me, and I’m going to let it appear. It seems important.

  4. Happy to hear you are feeling better. As you dust, let all those thoughts wash over you. Just having all those options to explore adds up to a pretty creative and exhausting day. Something will pop and you will be on your way.

  5. So glad your feeling better. Loving to hear about the burst of creativity you’ve been rewarded with! Have fun and enjoy another beautiful spring day. At least you don’t need to waste feeling good time on taxes now!

  6. So glad to know you’re feeling better, Quinn. And every one of those projects sounds fun–and tempting. Much Aloha to you.

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