Unlikely Persistence

Sometimes stubborn is persistence, sometimes it’s annoying, and sometimes it’s just baffling.

We had an early Spring here in Phoenix, and we are now roasting, way too early. We’ve had three days of record-setting weather. A high of 97ºF is too hot for March.

Road2We had a bit of rain, and grass began to sprout in cracks in the street. Big, wide, black-tarred street, tiny crack filled with green grass. They will last until lack of rain and heat kill them.


Grass is opportunistic, it will start up anywhere. Maybe it lasts, maybe not. But it is worth a shot. What’s truly amazing is that after it browns, if it rains, it turns green again. A mystery.

Quinn McDonald loves the mystery of grass.


10 thoughts on “Unlikely Persistence

  1. PS – them’s weeds in your pictures Quinn. They ARE opportunistic and determined and pervasive and persistent. Maybe we (I) should try to be more like them and just grow whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself.

  2. Plus 15C yesterday. Today it is 2 with snow falling and wind blowing at 30 – 5- MPH. Hurry heat and melt the snow, so we can say, “Where’d it all go?”

  3. Such a strange year for weather. We are still very cold here in Boston. It just won’t get warm. Although yesterday I saw some crocuses…so maybe soon. Anyway, in two weeks I will be warm like you in Tucson for the closing on the condo!

  4. March was unusually warm here too. On average the temperature drops below freezing during the night at least but now we had about two weeks when the temperature stayed close to +10 C all the time! All the snow melted away and people started to wait for the first migratory birds to arrive. Then one day the winter returned: temperature dropped again and there was new snow. Then it rained for two days and the snow was gone again. Last night it snowed again. Nothing unusual in that as such except the snow fall is rather heavy. Let’s see if it rains again tonight or not. Maybe there is something wrong with the weather control system or maybe whoever is in charge can’t decide. Let there be spring!

    • I’d like some Spring back, too. Your weather sounds really changeable, and a lot of change in a short time. I can just see Mother Nature and her kids messing with the thermostat every day!

        • Here, too. The kids turned it up to 97ºF the other day, while she wasn’t looking. Luckily, when she came home from work, and the sun set, she turned it back down again. And we are supposed to get some relief today and tomorrow.

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