Email Agony (Sorry J. Kilmer)

I think that I shall never see
an email answered thoroughly.

Replies that answer questions asked
instead of adding to my task.

Concise with information needed
Instead of three-times asked and pleadedsadtree2

And then forgotten with a Huh?
A smiley face, a shrug, a “Doh!”

I hunger for a sentence rich
with information, scratch my itch!

It isn’t hard, first read, then write
Answer the question, end the plight!

-Quinn McDonald hopes Joyce Kilmer will forgive her. He never had to deal with emails that don’t get answered, or get partially answered.


7 thoughts on “Email Agony (Sorry J. Kilmer)

  1. I have the same annoyance sometimes with blog comments where someone asks a question that was literally answered in the blog post they were responding to. If they had just read the post they would not need to ask the question.

  2. Communication does seem to be lacking in the numerous e-mails we send and receive. Perhaps if we left our egos out of it we might be better at this skill.

    • I’d be happy if people writing emails weren’t multi-tasking by talking on the phone at the same time. I can tell who was on the phone by the quality of the email. And I’d be even happier if they answered all the questions I asked.

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