Bubble Postcards

A few days ago, I saw pottery being decorated with bubbles. I’d done bubble paper when I was younger, and decided the holiday weekend was a good time to play with bubbles.

First, I found my black India ink and the gold ink for a bit of shimmer.

ink1Then I put a small squirt of dishsoap into the recycled foaming container, added water and ink. Just a bit of water to move it up the siphon. The foam was dense, and the bubbles held their shape until there was just ink, but no bubbles on the paper.


The result was a blob of tight foam. I wiped them off with a brush. Interesting effect. Not what I had in mind, but it will be fun to experiment with this part.

ink3Then I transferred the soap-water-ink mixture to a paper cup and put a straw into it. I blew and created big, loose bubbles. Just what I wanted.

But when I took the straw out of the cup, I knocked it over, spilling India ink-soap-water mix into my crotch and onto the floor. Time out to peel off pants, put them in the washer, clean the floor and generally mop up all the ink that wasn’t where it belonged.

ink4This experiment works best if you blow the bubbles till they rise up out of the cup, then carefully place the paper on top of it. For that reason, watercolor postcards work well. You can use cut pieces of watercolor paper, too.

ink5You can also use a palette knife to scoop the bubbles onto the paper. It’s a personal choice.  What am I going to do with them? Probably use them for my Stow-Away-Poetry postcards. Or color them in. I’ll let you know. If you have a suggestion, let me know in the comments!

Quinn McDonald is hoping India ink comes out of linen pants.

9 thoughts on “Bubble Postcards

    • Totally unexpected–the black India ink AND the shimmer ink came out completely. True, the pants were medium blue linen, but I was really surprised. The ink also came out of the light gray T-shirt. Maybe because I had some soap in the mixture, maybe because India ink is made of carbon particles and not dye. I’m happy, no matter the reason.

    • I was amazingly surprised when all the ink washed out of the pants and the T-shirt. Happy, too. I love these pants, they are summer-cool because they are tissue thin from frequent washing.

  1. Damn! I threw one of those containers into the recylcing the other day . . . it’s the only one I’ve ever had and now it’s gone! I thought I’d find a use for it, didn’t, and now . . . damn!

    • It wasn’t really worth it. I was all excited, but the purpose is to get small, tight foam, not big, loose bubbles. I’m keeping this one just in case, though. Who knows what I’ll think up next.

    • I’m sure it will work with ink colors. I’ve done it with acrylic and watercolor paints before. I wanted to use these as backgrounds. Love the limp binding book on your site!

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