Box of Colors

Storage sheds. We all know about them, we all need them.  Most of mine have had a jumble of broken items, tools, spiders, toads, snakes and rust in them.

Today, I found a shed clearly planned ahead and carefully. It’s in an older neighborhood in Phoenix, but as so often happens, once the updating started, almost everyone on the block got into the updating swing.

I love this box because it is not what you would expect. It does not hide itself. It stands, colorful and proudly offering its services while also brightening a front yard.  Being different isn’t easy, but it can be beautiful.

–Quinn McDonald is a creativity coach who is working on a book about the Invisible, Visible World.

2 thoughts on “Box of Colors

  1. Reaction to design is very personal. You do not have to love this. I’m sure some of the neighbors do not. I was impressed with the accuracy and care of the design. I would not do the same thing in my house.

  2. I must admit to being ambivalent about this. I WANT to like it but the other part of me says NO, just no. The idea of making a shed more palatable is excellent but I guess I just don’t care for the design. Maybe an actual still life or portrait would excite me.

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