Two New DVDs!

I also have two DVDs produced by my publisher, North Light Books.

T3492You can read about Art Journals Unbound here. There’s also a link so you can preview the DVD. As an art journaler, I wanted to be able to work on several pages at once, without having to wait for each page of a journal to dry. Sometimes I wanted to work on several pages next to each other, instead of in sequence. Most of all, when I was working on creating Inner Heroes, I wanted to use pages like a deck of cards. Those three reasons made it necessary for me to develop a way to design, make and carry my art journal pages as loose leaf pages. Unbound. North Light invited me to create a DVD to help other people discover how to carry free-standing pages.


You can read about Monsoon Paper Workshop here. At the bottom of the article, T3491you’ll find a link to a clip so you can preview the DVD. Monsoon Papers are a way to surface decorate papers so they are color-rich and uniquely designed. I invented the method and thought it was time to demo it on a DVD. The step-by-step appears in both of my books, but there is nothing like a video to help you see exactly how to use dyes, inks and pigments to help create these papers.

Quinn’s Books

Inner Hero Creative Art Journal

InnerHeroCoverThe Inner Hero Creative Art Journal: Mixed Media Messages to Your Inner Critic  is  available from my publisher, North Light. Now available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your favorite independent bookstore.

We all have inner critics–those voices that tell us we can’t, we aren’t enough, we don’t have enough. And try as we may, we cannot outrun them or stop the voices from hissing through the hands we clap over our ears. Doubt returns.

For many, that’s the end. The Inner Critic wins. It was true for me, too. But then one day, I stepped outside of my own weak replies, and invented an alter ego–someone (I thought) not like me–strong and feisty and no-nonsense. This wise woman invited the inner critic over, sat down with him (my inner critic is a man) and had a conversation with him. Without the attachment, the ego, the fear, the conversation was quite different than the ones I had made up for myself.  I had created an inner hero to take on my inner critic.

Here’s what my inner hero discovered:

1. The inner critic is not always wrong. In fact, he drags out the tiniest scrap of truth and sews it into a whole king-size bedspread of judgment to cover you up. Smother you, drown out your voice. A weakness turns into a failure, a mistake into proof that you can never gain a foothold in that area again.

2. Your inner hero can speak your truth, even when you cannot. You might not be able to stand up for yourself, but the inner hero, not connected to your anxieties, does a great job of looking at the real truth of the inner critic and boiling it down till the message of lack and attack is clear. Transparent, in fact. That allows your own strength to glow through.

3.  There are many inner heroes within us, and each of them can show us a way to distance ourselves from the terrible destructive force of the inner critic.

The book is about using creative work–mixed media work–to write and create art that helps you follow the strong truth and boldness of your inner hero. Your inner critic may follow you through life, but you get to lead. And where you go is up to you.

Try out a sample exercise from the Inner Hero book.

 The book is associated with classes, workshops, business applications and creativity groups. Ask about details (Contact form is at the bottom of this page)

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Raw Art Journaling: Making Meaning, Making Art

Raw Art Journaling: Making Meaning, Making Art is in its second printing!  You can buy it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or most chain and independent bookstore.


How Raw Art Began: Some years ago, I was sitting in a cafe, enjoying a perfect iced tea. The day was sunny and mild. An interesting gate in the wall across the street caught my attention. The gate was ornate, the wall plain, the flowers around it colorful. I grabbed my journal and began to sketch.

If you can get 30% of the idea down, your brain fills in the rest.

I’m not an illustrator. The gate I drew was crooked and looked odd. The plants looked weird.  But I had caught the metaphor of the rigid gate and the twining, colorful, defiant flowers.

I was happy until I glanced at a woman creating a  watercolor sketch in her journal.

Her work was realistic and beautiful and mine, com- pared to it, amateurish. I felt ashamed. The day was no longer beautiful.

I instantly knew I wanted to develop a way for people who can’t draw (and don’t want to write 500 words a day) to be able to create a meaningful journal.

So I created Raw Art Journaling.

This blog has all the updates for raw-art journaling. If you type that phrase into the search engine on the right-hand nav. bar, you’ll see a lot of articles.

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–Quinn McDonald is a life- and creativity coach. She’s a writer who helps others live an everyday creative life.