Featuring #4: Giveaway

FcoverNote: Congratulations to Kristin Freeman who won the magazine! I used a random number generator to choose the winner. Thanks for reading the blog, Kristin!

The fourth Featuring magazine arrived from the Netherlands, so it’s time for a giveaway. The magazine’s focus is on international art journaling, expressive arts and mixed media.

There is an article about Maria Prados, a Spanish artist and her combination of photography and painting. Maria is fascinated by the immediacy of photography and her painting adds the inspiration of the moment to it.

Miranda Robb from Blueberry Muffin Studio is featured in an article on the benefits of art journaling. She called it “inexpensive therapy” and that made me smile. (Looking at my studio, I’m not at all sure it’s that inexpensive, Miranda!) The article has some beautiful illustrations from her journal.

FearJulie Elman knows fear. And she knows about others fears, too. As an associate professor at the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University she sees the people who participate in her Fear Project and who admit to having lots of fear. The article is fascinating in several ways–the content, the breadth of the artwork, and the topic–not what you’d find in a run-of-themill art magazine.

Tammy Garcia (of Daisy Yellow) has a page on creative change–which is about perspective and gathering ideas. You won’t want to miss her perspective and some very interesting tips.

Lexi Dali and Marjorie Schick are featured in an article on wearable Fartart–sculpture in which the wearer becomes part of the art and still uses the beautifully crafted work as jewelry or adornment. One of the benefits of Featuring is that the Marit Barentsen, Editor-in-Chief, allows the stories to develop and includes enough photographs to enrich the effect fully.

The magazine is generously sized, 74 pages plus a cover. I loved the artwork of St. Petersburg artist Aleksandra Kabakova–it’s minimal and spare and still expressive and evocative.

There is much, much more in the magazine, from people you will recognize and about art to drool over.)


The spare graphic art of Aleksandra Kabakova

I’m giving away one of my copies. Because the magazine is less expensive to ship in Europe, the drawing is for North America this time. Leave a comment and I’ll include you in the drawing to be announced on this Saturday, July 6. You won’t want to miss this one! And if you don’t win the copy, you can order one for yourself here.


Featuring Magazine #3 (Giveaway)

Magazine-Cover-issue-3Note: The winner of the Featuring magazine #3 is Sandy Ward. Congratulations, Sandy! The three people who want to buy the magazine have also been notified. Thanks to everyone for participating and loving Featuring magazine!
*    *    *    *   *Featuring magazine #3 has been out for a while, but the copies I ordered just arrived recently. Time to share!

I love this magazine for the depth of the articles. And yes, I wrote one of them in this issue. It’s on found poetry, and the pleasure of writing an article that covers four pages in a magazine is the writer’s equivalent of eating a chocolate ganache cake with no dietary consequences–a dream that’s hard to believe.

Linda Germain has an article on monotypes–the artwork that is the latest rage with gelatin plate prints or gelliprints for a non-refrigerated shortcut. Linda does it the old-fashioned way and the article on monotypes–and the illustrations–are fascinating.


Nelson’s portrait of a singer is done in torn paper pieces.

What I love about Featuring is that the articles are about art–a huge variety each time. Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson  paints with paper. She creates richly-colored paper collages that are illustrations. Instead of paint, she uses torn paper. The effect is startling and haunting. The idea of hunting for colors and knowing the shapes with your fingers of the colors you are using over a big area is astonishing. (And yes, she has a workshop in Sedona in April.)

The magazine is international in scope–with articles from contributing editors in Europe and the U.S. You won’t want to miss the article on the collaboration between a Dutch rock band and a Chilean artist, Carlos Vergara Rivera,  who created the album cover in woodcut enhanced with watercolor and digital work. (I’m trying not to use the phrase “cutting edge’ here.)

For those who have seen iHanna (Hanna Anderrson) post here, she is the magazine’s featured Blogger in this issue. The interview is a useful background to following her blog.

There are more articles and interesting photos out of the authors’ windows. It’s a great issue, so I have to give away a copy.

Giveaway Leave a comment if you’d like to win the copy. This time, I’m shipping only to the U.S. and Canada.  I also have three copies for sale. Each copy is $20 (shipped in the U.S.–if you live in Europe, it’s cheaper to buy direct.)
The winner will be announced on Wednesday’s blog. If you want to purchase a copy, just add that to your comment, and I’ll pick the winner first, then pick the first three people who want to purchase the magazine.

Quinn McDonald has a deep love of found poetry. And written poetry. She’s playing with the idea of teaching an on-line poetry writing course.

Magazine Review: Featuring

The first issue of Featuring: magazine.

Thanks for hanging around while I spent a week running around the Valley in over 110-degree heat teaching business communication workshops. I appreciate your patience so much. Now, onto a new magazine I just received.

* * *

Featuring is a new magazine for art journaling and mixed media enthusiasts. It’s produced in Holland with an international contributor cast. Featuring uses an A4 size, (11.7 inches tall  x 8.3 inches wide),  which is taller and thinner than a sheet of copier paper. The layout is clean and crisp, a two-column design that makes the most of artwork.

The articles are written in a fresh-blogger style with details that reminded me of how different Europe is than America.  You never have the idea that you are being rushed through the story, and there are enough wonderful images to be satisfying and tempting to join in whatever is being discussed.

There are articles about Andrea Joseph who creates amazingly detailed drawing with a ballpoint pen and an article on Rosie Rowe‘s combination of photography, digital art and haiku.

There are beautiful images and the story of an art collaboration that started on a bus–the collaboration between Seth Apter and Jill Zaheer. Poetry, collage, altered books–the magazine gives the story enough space to develop and the artwork enough space to show detail.

Lea Goode-Harris has a great illustrated article on labyrinths that highlights the wonderful quote, “you lose yourself in a maze, and find yourself in a labyrinth.”  She wants you to love them as much as she does and even gives a labyrinth locator so you can find one close to where you are.

There’s an article on an unusual kind of scrapbooking (accent on “scrap”), ATCs, how to create a store on Etsy, and sleep/dream journaling.

The article that caught my attention was about the Butterfly Project created by Houston’s Holocaust Museum. The museum is asking artists, crafters, children and anyone who wants to join in to remember the 1,500,000 children who died in Germany’s Holocaust. The project was named after the powerful poem called The Butterfly by Pavel Friedman who died in Auschwitz concentration camp in 1942. The idea is to create a butterfly and send it to the museum by June of 2013. You can participate, too, the rules are easy.

Featuring magazine costs €8.50 (About $10.50) I splurged and spent a chunk on shipping to get the magazine without having to wait until Fall.

Full disclosure: I purchased the magazine because I wanted to. I did not use images from the magazine because I didn’t ask for permission to do so.  You can see more at Featuring’s website.