Amazing Paper Art: Li Hongbo

The art that fascinates me is the art created by an someone who has an idea and follows it. Even if other people don’t love it, even if others don’t understand it, the creative force that changes the world and how we understand it continues making art.

Li Hongbo works in Beijing. He turns pure white paper into art. Pure White Paper is the name of the exhibition you want to see if it comes your way. He creates amazing sculptures that expand and collapse. They look like porcelain, and move like magic. Here’s the video.

Li is a book editor and designer, and spent thousands of hours gluing sheets of paper together to form shapes inspired by the Chines paper gourd children’s toys. After that, it became art. You can see more photographs by seeing the exhibition at the Dominik Mersch Gallery in Australia.

Quinn McDonald is amazed at the inspiration that makes art.