Travel Tip: Car Rental

Because we’re moving to Phoenix, I’ve made several trips there. As summer moved into fall, the prices for rental cars doubled. Rental cars in Phoenix already have a stadium tax (to pay for the Super Bowl that’s being played there in January ’08), a city tax and a gotcha tax.

car and mapWhen I booked my flight for this week, I was horrified at the prices for rental cars–at least $45 a day, and that’s a bare bones car without all the taxes. There had to be a better way. And there was. I checked out Enterprise, a care rental company I have a corporate account with. Using Google Maps, I found a location close to the airport. The price to rent a car from that location dropped in half. Surprised? Me, too. Because I chose a location close to the airport, I can take a cab for a minimum amount, pick up the rental car and get a great price.

Yes, it is not quite as convenient to return the car and take a cab (Enterprise will drive you to your location a reasonable amount of miles away). But for a savings of $220, it sure seemed worth it to me.


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