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Photo: Patty Kaufman

Quinn McDonald owns QuinnCreative, a company that offers writing, workshops, and coaching: reinvention, innovation, change, and creativity coaching. We offer several services:

  • As a life coach, if you are in transition or want to set and meet goals.
  • As a creativity coach, if you want to bring creativity into your everyday life.
  • As a workshop leader in journaling, art journaling, dealing with your inner critic, and meaningful writing and journaling courses
  • As a speaker on creativity, problem solving, business communication and doodling as a memory tool.

Read more about creativity coaching on Quinn’s website.

How much does it cost?
I work with different budgets, and can develop a proposal for you based on your budget, or to give you an estimate, if you are building a budge.

I work independently or with your team.

Where are you?
For writing and coaching, location doesn’t matter. The phone and computer are the best tools. For in-person instruction, I travel well.  I live in Phoenix, AZ, and Sky Harbor has a lot of 6 a.m. flights.

Email: QuinnCreative [at] yahoo [dot] com  Use symbols instead of the words in brackets.

Call me: 286-6220 in area code 480

Write me: P.O. Box 12183    Glendale   AZ   85318

Can I get an idea of who you are?
Sure. You can download a podcast I did with the ICF (International Coaching Federation, Phoenix Chapter)  Clicking the link will take you to a choice: download or listen online.