Saturday Stroll

For a Saturday creativity boost, some posts you may have missed:

Poured acrylics make great additions to journal pages. They are worth the wait–it takes a while for them to dry.

Resists like Friskit cover spaces on paper that you want to keep white. You can also used them in layers, to show the layers beneath the top one.

Zippers are underused in art journaling. Here’s a zipper drawing and a zipper made of rhinestones.  Here are a group of mixed-media postcards. One of them has a zipper, too.

Send postcards? Belong to Postcrossing? Make this clever fabric box to keep your postcards in.

Have a creative Saturday!

-Quinn McDonald is writing a book on confronting the Inner Critic.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Stroll

  1. Loved the box! Cool tips. Thanks. 🙂
    I thought of you this week when I realized I was talking to my Inner Critic again but this time I caught her trick on time. Because she is SO sensible when she points another slightly different/smaller thingto do instead of the BIG plan. But then she gets more and more urgent as she lists a whole list of each time smaller and farther away from the goal tasks I have to complete BEFORE I can do something else. *exasperated sigh*

      • Because the tasks look logical and as you say “important”. But it is not like breaking up the big thing into smaller steps that way, it is adding a whole new other path that leads away in a circonvoluted road (so we spend a lot of time doing other things, it´s not even the panoramic view for the original goal).
        We have a lot in common, so our Inner Critics too! Lol!

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