QuinnCreative: Changes Coming in July

Usually when I say “changes” people cringe. I’m going to do something different. It may be hard. What if you hate the change? Upcoming changes will make sense to you, because they are, well, sensible.

1. One website. When I began to write the book, I opened a website, RawArtJournaling.com to talk about he book. Then I moved all the creative work over to that site. I had a business website, QuinnCreative.com which covered my training, writing, business coaching. The time has come to combine the websites.

2. What are you going to call it? My business name is QuinnCreative. My one site will be at QuinnCreative.com (There’s no link now, so I can put in the new link when the site debuts).

3. Are you designing it? No. I’m not an expert in web design, so I hired Jen Wolfe, who created my logo, is designing the site. Target date for the new site to open is July 15.

4. One person, one site. For a long time, I thought my business clients would run if they knew I was an artist. Turns out, I show up as a creative all the time, and the clients who appreciate creativity want to bring that part to their business as well.  The clients who don’t want a creative approach discover my type withing two minutes of talking. If they don’t want a creative approach, they will be unhappy working with me.

5. Say goodbye to the newsletter. For years, I’ve had a newsletter. With social media taking the place of newsletters, I’m depending more and more on my blog, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to keep in touch. With the book coming out, I need more time to concentrate on creative work. I want to develop more classes, both online and in person. That requires time, and a way to get back some of that time, is to discontinue the newsletter. I’d suggest subscribing to the blog, either via RSS feed or email.  There will also be a “what’s new” page on my website, allowing you to check in and see updates. More convenient all the way around.

6. Coaching prices are going up, and two gifts. As a gift to current clients, I will keep my coaching prices where they are for now. Coaching prices for new clients will rise (to $350 for 3 sessions a month and $150 for a one-time occasional coach) when the new website opens.

Second gift: To celebrate change, I will hold the old prices ($275 for 3X a month and $100 for a one-time occasional coach) until the end of July for anyone who mentions the blog. The old prices will stay in effect until the end of 2011 for anyone who begins coaching by the end of July.

I hope to see many of you at the new website as well as continuing on with me here. This blog will not move. It’s been here for almost five years and 1,500 blog posts, and it will stay right here.

6 thoughts on “QuinnCreative: Changes Coming in July

  1. I got the email from Amazon that my copy of your book will be arriving sometime around July 15. I’m waiting patiently. I’ve also thought about your coaching opportunity, however, it’s not in my retirement budget at this time. I’m working p/t at our local community college and that’s just to catch up on some credit card bills and medical stuff. Maybe another time. Thank you for being who you are.

    • Awww, thanks Marianna. That’s kind. When you get the book, send me an email (or leave a comment) and I’ll send you a signed postcard to use as a bookmark. It’s almost as good as a signed book! As far as I know, Amazon starts shipping tomorrow. YAY!

  2. All the best for the new site; it sounds exciting! I shall be subscribing so I don’t miss anything! The “whats new” page is a great idea; I try and check your blog daily, but this gives me a chance to catch up on anything I miss. And I see your book is now available on Amazon! They have not officially notified me yet – I am sure it will be a sell-out sensation. You’ve worked hard for this so enjoy the fruits of your labours.

    • thanks for the good wishes–from your mouth to god’s ear that the book sells out! I think the What’s New page will be a big help to find new events, classes, tutorials. Amazon will ship the pre-ordered books starting on Tuesday. I hope yours arrives quickly. If it doesn’t, let me know. I have ways of making books appear!

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