Email Hassles (Sorry, Mr. Kilmer)

I think that I shall never see
an email answered thoroughly.

Replies that answer questions asked
instead of adding to my task.

Concise with information needed
Instead of three-times asked and pleaded

sadtree2And then forgotten with a Huh?
A smiley face, a shrug, a “Doh!”

I hunger for a sentence rich
with information, scratch my itch!

It isn’t hard, first read, then write
Answer the question, end the plight!

–Quinn McDonald is a writer and creativity coach who wishes for emails that answer what was asked, preferably the first time, although the second time will do.

11 thoughts on “Email Hassles (Sorry, Mr. Kilmer)

  1. I think that I shall never know
    How Quinn does it all, although
    I read her blog each and every day
    She still astounds me by the way
    She can coach, teach, paint, and write,
    Making my world considerably more bright.
    Think I’ll end this with a happy face
    Even if it might be out of place.

  2. Clever and fun verse. Boy, do I agree. New contact at journal (contract of two-years’ standing) just accused me of not replying to a request she made last Christmas Eve. I forwarded to her my reply of Jan. 2–which was a not-long email answering 2 of hers, right after I did an unscheduled, rush edit for her on Dec. 23. She just didn’t read it. Her sour prompting is making me rethink the relationship. No apology or “DOH!” or even thanks from her, of course, to my forwarding of the original note with relevant text highlighted.

  3. I never knew that poem was by MISTER Kilmer! Geez next you’re going to tell me George Eliot was a she or Piglet’s grandfather wasn’t really named Trespassers William.

  4. Done and done! Sorry it took all day for me to reply, I hate when people do that to me. Lots of stuff happening here but no excuse not getting back to you. Thanks SO much for the reminder!

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