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Book1DIY isn’t just updating a kitchen. I’m a fan of making journals, too. You can use the paper you like, whether you sketch, write, or paint. You can mix paper types, include pages of interesting looking books, or maps.

Handcrafted Journals, Albums, Scrapbooks and More by Marie Browning is a how-to books for updating your studio–with some handmade books. This is not a new book–it’s a 2000 edition, but it is a useful one. It’s packed with information, color photos and templates.

You don’t have to have prior knowledge, the first three chapters discuss materials, bookbinding terms and techniques. Chapter 4 is a basic procedure for making your own album or journal. Brave creatives can take off from there.


Examples of how-to: different surface decorations techniques.

Need more help? There are chapters for folded books, paperback journals, wood covered books, closed- and open-spine books and novelty books.

Bookplate or decorative templates you can print out of the book.

Bookplate or decorative templates you can print out of the book.

There are terrific photos and ideas in this 128-page paperback book. And a binding guide, complete with measurements and templates for miniature books as well, too.

Miniature books are fun to make and give as gifts.

Miniature books are fun to make and give as gifts.

Giveaway: I’m giving away the book. Leave a comment and check in again on Saturday to see if it’s yours! (I won’t hunt you down, so check back on Saturday).

–Quinn McDonald has made a lot of books and knows the creative satisfaction of seeing a book completed.


51 thoughts on “DIY Giveaway

  1. Hello! I’ve always been a bit (or more) intimidated at the thought of bookmaking because of the bindings. Interestingly enough, just yesterday I came across two wonderful handmade books given to me and I thought I am going to challenge myself to actually give bookmaking a go! Then today I open this post – gotta love synchronicity! Even if I don’t win the book I AM going to make some books and try different bindings. Thanks for the extra encouragement!

  2. I just found you via Pinterest, and I’ve looked around your site a little bit and am excited to explore some more. This looks like a place I could get lost in! Thank you for the give-away – what a nice offer.

  3. From your description, it sounds like this book would be great for us newbies. I’m just starting out with multi media art and art journaling. Believe it or not, I have no clue as to what I’m doing.

  4. Went to Petaluma for Art Is You retreat and took a book making class with Sharon Bolton, amazing class. I would love to continue the process and this sounds like a phenomenal book to help me keep going. Would love, love, love to have it.

  5. Thanks for creating the DIY giveaway. I started Art Journaling this summer, so I’m looking for new–and old–ways to do it. I have made one journal in a local workshop and want to try more!

  6. Learning bookbinding is on my bucket list. I’ve altered several old books and made a handful of art and travel journals. I’ve made a few small notebooks by stapling them. It would be nice to try a simple binding stitch.

  7. I’m working with the Owl & Panther project — expressive arts for refugees who experienced the worst — so if I win — the ideas in the book will find their way into workshops….me too — thanks for the opportunity to win.

  8. I loved the page surfaces shown. I’m always trying to come up with different ways to alter background surfaces for mixed media art especially cards. Looks like she has some great ideas. The little journals are awesome too. Thanks for sharing. I’ve only been following you for about a year but I really like what you share. Thanks again.

  9. As a book fan of limitless dimensions, including making them!, I’d love to have this book in my library! Sending Thursday cheers…

  10. It would be wonderful to win……I have taken a beginner book-making workshop and it really intrigued me. Thank you for making this offer.

  11. A number of years ago I explored book making. It interested me soooooo much because I love the texturally quality of it. All day long as I am going about my business I think…oh I could use this to make a divider in a book or a journal…but I never know the “technical” aspects of it. And that I would love. Finally a way to use all those pretty papers and things I have collected.
    And it would be nice to get a gift…I am a little low on being able to buy things for myself…just the necessities….
    Thank you for this giveaway.

  12. This sounds like a great book. I have always wanted to make my own books (more than just fold, staple) but have been intimidated. I’d love to win a copy!

  13. It’s interesting to me how, in addition to reading your column for solace, the comments have given me much too. Journaling is the way to go but making your own invests even more of ourselves.

  14. What a lovely giveaway – and timely, too. I have started working on a journaling project and handmade books have come up in various discussions. I’m interested but didn’t know where to start. Thank you Quinn.

  15. How fun that the book talks about mini books! I just dived into making ‘tiny journals’ ((2.5 x 1.7 inch) this week (see post and I’m already hooked… For a couple of years now, I bind my own journals using different techniques.. but there’s still so much to learn about making your own books, I would love to lay my hands on this book!

  16. I am a keen follower of your blog. Being “retired” and living on my own in a small sea side village called Kleinmond (small mouth – of a nearby river) nobody steals my time. I must admit though, I need some encouragement to get started with a new craft and this book seems to be just it! PS. (I’m from South Africa)

  17. Ah, bookmaking is such a lovely handcraft. If I really want to give time to my self, I make one. Throughout the years I build up a small collection. You giving away such a precious gift, makes me thing of giving one away myself. Thanks for sharing Quinn 🙂

  18. Would love to have this book! I’d like to formulate a class teaching some kind of photo journal project and it would be fun to make our own books.

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