20 thoughts on “More Handmade Paper Bowls

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  2. Hi Quinn. These are wonderful. I just started working with paper mache pulp and I’m now expanding to pulling handmade paper. I came across your site looking for inspiration and you have definitely done that. I know this is an older posting but I see that you were willing to share your “how to” on creating them. Would you please consider sending your guidelines on creating these. Thanx!


  3. Hello Quinn, we live in Lebanon and would love to make your bowls. Would it be possible to get the instructions? Many thanks, Tamim

  4. I make paper (and live in the desert, too! Ha!) and would LOVE to learn how to make these bowls!! Did you just wing it or did you have a guide?

  5. Hi there! I LOVE these bowls, and wonder if you sell them? I see this is an old post, so I hope you are still creating. They are lovely!

    • Thanks for liking the bowls. I made the paper and dried the flowers for those bowls, but now that I live in the desert, I no longer make them. I turned to book arts, instead. Thanks for letting me know!

  6. These are gorgeous Quinn. You are so talented in so many areas, so creative.It must be wonderfully absorbing to produce these bowls – what a gift.

  7. Thanks Mari and Shewolf– It is less about talent than about dogged determination to complete the task. But I’m pleased that they aren’t just plain bowls anymore. I like the direction of more complex work.

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