Theme Thursday: #6 6/18/09

It’s Theme Thursday–the day I post some interesting links to creative topics. I invite you to do the same thing, and post your blog site in the comments.

You’ve seen several sketchbooks in various cities. Here’s one by Free[k]hand–Sketch in the City. This one has a clever video so you can see all the pages.

Anna Hawthorne discusses the Trinity of bookmaking–the concept, the physical, the visual in this blog. It sounds boring, but it’s not. OK, I’m biased. I’m a content person myself.

I love writers who know they have gremlins (negative self-talk) and take up a stand against it. Joanna at Confident Writing did a good job in this post.

That’s it for today. My new website is launching and there are some problems I have to go fix.

Check in on QuinnCreative and see if the new site is up. If it has a pale green background, you’ve found it.

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—Quinn McDonald is a life- and certified creativity coach. She teaches people how to write and give presentations. She also  manages four journals that travel the world.

One thought on “Theme Thursday: #6 6/18/09

  1. I love Joanna and her Confident Writing blog. She has a common sense approach to writing, and most of her posts is geared towards writing blogs, with lots of encouragement and common sense advice. Plus being Scottish, she shares a bit of her homeland, and I love that. Her photos from that region always make me want to hop a plane and go see it for myself.

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