Traveling Journals: Update 7.10.09

The travel journal came back from California. Jeannine Jourdan did two pages in it, and as usual, I’m amazed. Imagination is a wonderful thing, and when it’s combined with a great sense of design and color, it’s breath-taking. I had no idea when she signed up that she was an artist, and opening the book was a complete surprise.

Jeannine Jourdan for the Traveling Journals © 2009

Jeannine Jourdan for the Traveling Journals © 2009

Because of the color on both pages, she created a separator page of vellum. The image below shows the page in place, covering the beautiful gold writing on the page with the fish. Below, you can see the fish page without the vellum covering. The gold is now more reflective and doesn’t photograph as well.

Jeannine Jourdan, © 2009

Jeannine Jourdan, © 2009

I didn’t ask Jeannine what the writing meant, I’ll have to do that. Right now, I’m just in delight at these colors and images.

–Quinn McDonald is circulating both journals and loose pages for strangers to create art, write, and make meaning in any way they want.

To participate–to write or draw in one of the journals or on loose pages, send an email to rawartjournals [at] gmail [dot] com

2 thoughts on “Traveling Journals: Update 7.10.09

  1. Hi Quinn,
    Wow, found you on twitter…took you up on your offer to make entries in your travel journals – I thought your project was specifically aimed at artists – just googled myself and found your blog! The magic of the internet! The lettering is Tibetan sanskrit for the compassion chant – Om Mane Padme Hum. It was fun to do….would like to see the journal in it’s entirety once it’s complete.
    Thanks for starting it!

    • Those were fabulous pieces, jeannine! Thanks for taking the time to do them. Luckily, the travel journal was not the one that someone absconded with. I’m a little behind in getting them out again, but will catch up soon.

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