Raw-Art Journal Pages:Minimalist, Color

A few days ago, I posted some new, minimalist approaches to raw-art journaling. Here are two more pages, these with quotes from Wendell Barry, whose poetry I recently remembered through Jill Berry’s inspiring blog (perhaps no relation, but maybe some.)

The first image is in pen and ink. What didn’t scan well was the big moon behind the tree. You can see part of it on the left side of the tree. starting at the rock outline. It’s outlined in silver gel pen and has horizontal lines through it. The poem fragment says, “There are no unsacred places; tere are only sacred places and desecrated places.”

Pen and ink with Wendell Berry quote

The second image is done with sepia tones of Pitt Pen and colored in with orange shades of Pitt Pen. Here the writing follows the landscape lines. It says, “. . . and we pray, not / for new earth or neaven, but to be / quiet in the heart, and in eye,/ clear. What we need is here.”

Raw-art page done in Pitt Pen for color.

–Quinn McDonald is working on a book on raw-art journaling. It will be published in June of 2011 by North Light Craft Books.

5 thoughts on “Raw-Art Journal Pages:Minimalist, Color

  1. Hello, i stumbled ob your blog today. I am a found text poet here on wordpress. Loved reading you raw art journaling. I will be following your blog. Stop by for a “visit” sometime. Thanks

  2. Love me some Wendell Berry! Reading his quotes with your drawings gives me a different perspective…I usually picture his work in the rolling hills and forests of…Tennesee.

    This actually creates different images and thougths…how interesting!

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